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    That is true however a carrier that hovered over water that could also pass over land would be vastly superior, especially if you were on a world where oceans might not even exist or exist in a form that could not provide proper bouyancy, like it there was a high concentration of methane in the water etc. Id never green light a project to another planet that said we were gonna drop a boat hehe. http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2006/124/reviews/932358_20060505_screen002.jpg Thats from battlefield 2142 it was a carrier/base floated over the city acted as a base launched air craft etc. Thought it was great
  2. Warlander

    One request

    See ive never heard of the original game and to me It doesnt make sence, You have space ships and your looking to conquer and or colonize a planet, the last thing you want to do is limit your Base of operation to just water. Its not like they dont have the technological ability. was the first carrier game set in the future?
  3. Not likely to happen. But This is the future why is there a boat? I know its called carrier comand but wouldt it be way cooler of it was a hover carrier? You could move it over the island with you, would open up more tactical possibilties. And just be more awesome. Kinda like the titan in battlefield 2142. :D