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  1. Hahaha awesome dude,that's exactly what I was looking for,I love you!
  2. Can someone give me a link cause I downloaded ACE2 3 days ago and I don't understand what the fuss is about...I mean they added a couple of extra sounds,more realistic and they removed the crosshair (Yeah thank you very much) but nothing too big.
  3. I don't get what ACE is and how it's used at all...
  4. Oh,why didn't I think of that,Btw is it possible to make it like...spin,because my chopper just stops working,that's it,I want it to spin like crazy.
  5. Mozzak

    Undead Mod

    Stubbinz,I think for them to move to a city,you just use a waypoint?
  6. Hey guys,I need help with this one, Let's say that I want my helicopter to start smoking and burning and eventually fall on the ground when it reaches a trigger... How to do it? I know how to do it without the smoke and stuff but I really want the smoke and stuff. Thanks
  7. Mozzak

    Undead Mod

    They don't even spawn..ever. Damn it,I wanna try this mod...
  8. Mozzak

    Undead Mod

    Do you have to sync module to player?
  9. Awesome,thanks. Yeah...just didn't assume anyone asked that kind of a stupid question
  10. I pretty much said everything in the title. How do I do that? I am making a civilian rescue mission,or at least trying to.
  11. Yeah,someone reply,I wanna do this too!
  12. Mozzak


    Hahah thanks,didn't realise what sync did anyway...didn't understand that tool really good =) Thanks man,you're awesome.
  13. Hey,uhm I'm having problems here,I'm new to ArmA but I've played OFP for like 2 years so I know a couple of things,now,is there a way for an OPFOR unit to create(or set itself to a waypoint at least) when the BLUFOR triggers a trigger? I think of it as using custom variables. If var1(custom) = 1 then (something happens) - Yeah I know this isn't the right language,but you should get the point. Does anyone get me or should I explain more?
  14. Mozzak

    Undead Mod

    I did place everything correctly ( I think ). The mod page doesn't give any info.