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  1. Hi, That's exactly what I expected! One day in my signature on a post I wrote a joke "BIS, DCS ... and when BIDC'S?" . Related to the power of Arma 2 and the physics of DCS on helicopters. Anyway it's fantastic news! Thks, thks, thks ... Sorry for my english, I hope you understand what I want to explain.
  2. Okay ! :D Sorry but I just know a bit the sqs, when I discovered the sqf ... Anyway thank you for the answer because in view of this script is exactly what I'm looking for. I think I changed to "Secondpos" to "_Secondpos" ok? In Arma2, I have an error message when I call the script with a trigger : Cond. : Me in Helico1 Act. : [Helico1, S1] execVm "checkFlight.sqf"; Message editor : type script, nothing expected I must make a blunder somewhere still ...:rolleyes: ---------- Post added at 08:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:50 PM ---------- OKAY ! The script works nickel! big thank you my friend! The fact of adding v = it worked, have now to improve a little, like to know its state (the wounded man, before he dies) and it's all good! Thks ---------- Post added at 09:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:40 PM ---------- With getPosATL, it also works with the altitude and this is how I modified : private ["_firstPos", "_secondPos", "_altpos", "_alt1pos","_heli", "_unit"]; //Declare private variables _heli =_this select 0; //Who is the chopper _unit = _this select 1; //Who is the injured person checkFlight = true; while {checkFlight} do { _firstPos = getPos _heli; sleep 1; _secondPos = getPos _heli; if ((_firstPos distance _secondPos) > 27.7) then {_unit setdamage(damage _unit) + 0.01}; _altpos = getPosASL _heli; sleep 1; _alt1pos = getPosASL _heli; if ((_altpos distance _alt1pos) > 5) then {_unit setdamage(damage _unit) + 0.01}; sleep 1; }; I put a value of 5m/s rate of climb and descent max ---------- Post added at 09:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:03 PM ---------- And now, with 2 logic triggers : trigger1 cond : (getdammage S1 >=0.1) and (getdammage S1 <=0.4) act : hint"Caution feels badly injured !" -->first warning to the pilot trigger2 cond : (getdammage S1 >=0.5) and (getdammage S1 <=0.8) act : hint"Beware, he'll let go !" -->second warning, and then it sucks to hurt more right to pilot error ! I just tested, it is excellent! It's ok for me now ...
  3. Ok, I downloaded : ArmII_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxModels.7z P3D files open well with O², I just watched the mass ... and??? :eek: Is not won, especially with the config.cpp it will not do, I master the thing too a+
  4. Hi, I try to make a script transporting injured so that the helicopter pilot with as little turbulence as possible, otherwise it would have an influence on the injured on board the helicopter. Already, with this : with _heli1 the helicopter and _unit1 unit injured ? (speed _heli1) >= 100 : // try with _unit1 setdammage +0.1 (can???) Now, add to this, it would be nice to do is: if during a time (in seconds or fractions of seconds) changes its altitude _heli1 more or less, but so fast (to simulate turbulence) also add setdammage +0.1 to _unit1 I hope I am clear enough in my comments ...:rolleyes: Sorry for my english. a+
  5. Ok, ok, but actually, I can not open. P3D from A2 and create a helicopter with O ², I've never done and I feel the galley happen! :eek: The only way I would contact the creator of the addon to have the P3D model?
  6. Carbone

    Better weather in Warfare.

    There's a script I do that I use every time, and is very simple to implement. For example in a init.sqs folder of your mission you can put like this: #INIT _rand = random 900 ~(random 10800) // between 0 and 3 hours 180 setOvercast 0.9 ~180 _rand setRain 1 ~3 ~_rand 180 setOvercast 0.2 180 setRain 0 goto "INIT" Exit But you could also use other scripts like the wind sand storm, etc. ... ( setWind [_vent,_vent, true] with _vent = random 50 for example )and always with a random duration + / - estimated your mission. With that, you never know weather he will make in your missions! a+
  7. Ok, thank you for the answers, but I have not found the mass in config.cpp I'm also open air.pbo?
  8. Hi, I would like to improve the physics of helicopters in A2, I can not find the files. cpp who run it, or possibly modify the response of the helicopters / advanced precision of the joystick. I have the G940 and for now, I get + / - with the Logitech software and settings from A2 to almost find good settings, but there are some points I would like to improve again and I thought of those famous files. cpp Thks.
  9. Carbone

    AI air supply

    Hi, I tried a trick to see if it worked, well it's nickel! In LightFactory, I just replaced the supply truck with a helicopter, suddenly the return deposit, is by helicopter (or other addon or vehicle) controlled by AI! a+
  10. Carbone

    Switch team player

    Ok, so I got to amend it in InitMission.sqf: EnableTeamSwitch true; // {RemoveSwitchableUnit _x} ForEach SwitchableUnits; It works, but when I take control of my original unit, I can not move the other teams, they do not move ... grrrr bug???:rolleyes: a+
  11. Carbone

    Infantry and lightpatrol only ?

    Ok, thank for the reply. But since I have a little progress, (not without difficulty) and I've used addons and then configure all factions! Actually I changed everything in structures, teams, barracks, light and heavy and it's ok a+ thks.
  12. Carbone

    Infantry and lightpatrol only ?

    Well, I restate my question more simply: is it possible to have only the infantry warfare mode or not? Thks
  13. Carbone

    Switch team player

    Hi, Is it possible to control the other teams? I mean, by switching from one to the other (in high commander icons blue) For example, (F1) team player and : team one (F2) standard (with infantry, gunner, ...), Team two (F3) ops, ... etc etc And as a unit can send a team to another would be the best! Why this? Well, simply for the management teams on large maps Thks Sorry for my english
  14. Hi, Here is my problem: I would only light vehicles and infantry units but not heavy vehicles I modified the files teams, squads, structures, etc. ... in Common \ config my mission by blocking the constrution of heavy vehicles, and this works very well because the structure no longer appears in constructions. Ok Well when I launch the mission, there are always enemy tanks! and the strongest is that in my teams there should be only in enemy units that I changed teams and squads in well no! There is always the Russians who come in with tanks and units not selected as my enemies ... I breakdown there. In advance thank you. Edit: I have A2 1.08 only and warfare 2