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  1. fuzzysquirrel

    UI Image wont show up

    Go into the Addon Builder, Select Options, and in the field "List of files to copy directly" put something like this; *.pac;*.paa;*.rtm;*.sqf;*.sqs;*.bikb;*.fsm;*.wss;*.ogg;*.wav;*.fxy;*.csv;*.html;*.lip;*.txt;*.wrp;*.bisurf That should keep it from deleting it.
  2. fuzzysquirrel

    UI Image wont show up

    Check if the .paa is in your PBO make sure BinPBO (AddonCreator) isn't deleting it when you binarize. I've had it delete all non-mapped textures when it packed. All you need to do to check is dePBO your PBO after it's PBO'd (that's a tongue twister) and make sure the .paa is still there.
  3. fuzzysquirrel

    PIP issues

    Select the targets in the UV Editor and Mirror them Horizontally.
  4. fuzzysquirrel

    "Unhiding" in O2..? How..?

    Well, If you did hide it and didn't accidentally delete it then you can hit Ctrl + A to Select all and Ctrl + Shft + H to unhide, and for reference in the future Ctrl + H hides the portion you have selected as well. ^ This guy above me, stealing my thunder and what not.. :rolleyes:
  5. It's nice to see realistic scopes/weapons in arma 3 though, thanks.
  6. Eotec's glass texture is pointing to your desktop, so the texture doesnt work.
  7. fuzzysquirrel

    PhysX query

    There's no body roll because the suspension is very rigid at the moment, If I wanted I could make it flip going 10km/h. At the moment there's very little information regarding damping and suspension settings, so I avoided messing with them too much. However even with body roll the suspension would not bound properly. Also I see alot of PhysX in the Inertia the car carries along with the other PhysX involving braking, and the power curve simulation. While the PhysX represented aren't that great (Without instruction it's gonna be alot of trial/error) it is a start, and it is a driving vehicle with physx, meaning if I want to use that cop car to pit another physx vehicle, I can. You guys may or may not be right on a PhysX lod, but VBS2 Manuals explain how to setup PhysX and there's no special lod for anything but Boats in that.
  8. fuzzysquirrel

    PhysX query

    Well that's not entirely true, I have PhysX working and all that its just the dampers that are messed up. The only thing that doesn't work PhysX's wise on that vehicle is the dampers, but I feel like I'm more likely missing some config guidance since using one wheel bone allows for animated wheels and using the other allows for animated dampers, but I can't get them to work in conjunction.
  9. fuzzysquirrel

    PhysX query

    Alright, the only real problem I'm having with PhysX is my wheel animations. I can either use wheel_x_damper_land and have my wheels float above the vehicle and move vertically, or I can use wheel_x and have them placed properly with no vertical travel. Aside from that I'm loving the new PhysX options.
  10. fuzzysquirrel

    $300 Texture Warping (With Pictures!)

    The problem was with the texture warping, the same one Deltahawk posted about. It's fixed now. It was fixed by selecting parts that were not mapped properly and re-mapping them.
  11. fuzzysquirrel

    Remington 870 Shotguns

    I did not know that, Guess I'll have to see about switching to that then.
  12. Remington 870 Pump Action Shotgun pack brought to you by FuzzySquirrel. ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead Addon Included in this weapon pack are 3 Remington 870's. 1 Civilian variant, and 2 Police variants, the original model was made by commander566 on turbosquid and heavily modified and converted by myself. The Civilian Shotgun has 3 Round buckshot and slugs and an illuminated bead style sight. The Police variants have 6 Round buckshot, slugs, and a beanbag ammo (for 3rd party scripting, these were made for Life mods, but work just as well for plain ol' shooting anything that moves). The 2nd Police variants also has a working Tactical Light. Both Police versions feature Illuminated rifle sights. Personally, I don't think these shotguns are 100% perfect, but they are far from being terrible. If you find any major bugs let me know. Credits BI Studio and RobertHammer for the Tactical Light Dead3yez for the Buckshot script commander566 for the original free turbosquid model FuzzySquirrel for converting and modifying the 870 into the 870P Screenshots http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq121/Fuzzy_Squ1rrel/r870.png (986 kB) http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq121/Fuzzy_Squ1rrel/r870p.png (1002 kB) http://i440.photobucket.com/albums/qq121/Fuzzy_Squ1rrel/r870ptl.png (991 kB) DOWNLOAD *REQUIRES @CBA
  13. fuzzysquirrel

    Taser Mod

    Nice work DD, Very nice looking model. Only thing I noticed is that on the black x26 the logo on the handle is black instead of silver http://www.womenonguard.com/images/taser-x26c-deployment.jpg http://www.protectionspecialities.com/cat/26009-.jpg http://resources0.news.com.au/images/2008/05/28/va1237310237961/Taser-X26-6062356.jpg
  14. fuzzysquirrel

    Fuzzy's Carpack

    I appreciate the feedback everyone. Glad people are enjoying the vehicles You know a fair portion of the civilian content people use in ArmA comes from other games right? There's planes from FS2004/FSX, Cars from Need for Speed, and weapons from games like Rainbow Six. This isn't because people are trying to rip off developers and claim their hard work as their own, but because it would be nearly impossible to create what is already done in a reasonable time. That, and most developers don't seem to mind as long as your not making money off their stuff. Also, I didn't rip the models, simply converted the z3d/3ds into what you see now, and ofc converted the F350 into the FX4 Package. However if they wish to lock it that'd be fine, however many other reputable communities and developers too use content from the same sites which these models came from.
  15. Good day everyone, Today I present to you all a Carpack for ArmA 2 CO. Vehicles included in this pack are; 2012 Dodge Ram 3500 Lariat 2008 Ford F350 FX4 1977 Dodge Monaco 1998 GMC Sierra 1500 IMAGES OF MODELS ALTERED WITHOUT PERMISSION REMOVED Each vehicle has 9 different body colors. (Black, White, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red and Pink) as well as openable trunk/tailgate, Hood, and doors on all but the Monaco. Also the F350 has destructible wheels. Expect some bugs and these were never 100% finished but they shouldn't have any major issues (No rpt issues) Credits: Fuzzy Racingfreak Riva Bohemia Interactive this addon requires ArmA 2 Combined Operations. MLODS available so long as you ask politely. DOWNLOAD REMOVED