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  1. Morphene

    SOC WIP Thread

    What makes you think they aren't of either tier? You may find that people will cut their sleeves. I found it more sensible to simply roll them up, however my Afghan deployments were winter/spring, and I never found myself there for a summer. Iraq was a different story, but even there one may find a rather brisk evening on an airfield in the anbar province.
  2. Morphene

    SOC WIP Thread

    Ah. Off topic indeed. T-shirts make a lasting impression! Not sure what your rotations were like, but from my five rotations with them, we had our fair share off ass hats, but that's to be expected with every unit. Tis why the RFS policy is in place. Not certain a minor uniform infraction would qualify for that.. By and large I have nothing but good things to say about my experiences. Always nice to see other perspectives. Sometimes it just takes one or two people to ruin the reputation. Regardless, good chat! Back on topic.
  3. Morphene

    SOC WIP Thread

    See the theme in the bloused boots? Standard issue, belleville, Danner, etc. The mountain boots, both 6 and 8 inch, might seem difficult to blouse those. When I wore my Merrells in Iraq and never bloused my boots, then again, when I wore my belleville and it was hot as balls I didn't blouse my boots. METTC. EricJ I'd love for you to elaborate on dicked up. Not wearing throat and groin protectors doesn't count.
  4. Morphene

    SOC WIP Thread

    Last I checked equipment that was tested was fielded by which ever BN was in the rear and not on RRF. Also, whats a secret squirrel Ranger.. vs a Ranger?
  5. Morphene

    SOC WIP Thread

    The transformation from support to direct action occurred roughly eight years ago. The MBITR is fine, however research PELTOR PTT's. I've never once seen a hand mic PTT use. It kinda ruins the silent approach. Also, left side, IFAK, not pistol mags. Other than that it looks excellent. Keep up the good work.
  6. The government city was decimated in 06. My platoon alone hit over 30 IED's in there. We took contact from ambushed several times, once from Sadam mosque, followed up by one in the government center. Yes, tall buildings on either side, riddled by bullets and shrapnel from EFP's, as many of the buildings near this area were. this area specifically had a plethora of potholes, most from IED's. They would blow them, refill the holes and blow them again.
  7. I am having the same issue. I had to manually dl from armaholic and place the files into the six folders.
  8. Ramadii is relatively flat. It sits directly on the euphrates. If you have team speak, Quincy, it would be more suitable. I can discuss things like the government center (ambush hot spot) and baseline road (in 06 conventional forces rarely would go south of baseline road due to the large foreign fighter presence)
  9. Trash? Every. I was in Ramadii in 05 and 06, IED use was heavy, so trash added more camouflage to the IED's. Huge pot holes from IED's, all over the road. Google maps pretty well shows the main base, a palace. One can see all the military equipment on it. The Mosques were everywhere. These people pray 5x a day. Having one mosque in a city as large as Ramadii dont make no sense. The one that stood out the most to me was Sadam mosque. If you are serious about producing this, I'd be more than willing to highlight some areas on google maps that were key conflict areas, ridden with trash and what not, the main hardballs, etc.
  10. I've been here twice, if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  11. Morphene

    75th Ranger Regiment

    Rhod! Anyway you could incorporate the DRIFIRE torso on the multicam top? as seen here http://www.cryeprecision.com/images/items/Fullsize/APRCS402.jpg
  12. Morphene

    Mosul area Iraq

    Mosul is a rather large city, and has an airport. The city is VERY densely populated.
  13. Morphene

    SAM / Nordin addons

    Sweet! Another question, I got the strafe function to work! Is this supposed to strafe with the A-10's 30mm? The strafe run I just used only deployed heavy ordnance. Another question, thus far, testing all other fire mission types, I have yet to need opfor out there. Is it required for the GAU(30mm) to be employed? Thanks!
  14. Morphene

    RH wip thread

    Suppressors I have seen, on 46's anyways. The round count for suppressors is low, so I wouldn't typically recommend it, but in this case, why not! It's a game, and DoD isn't paying for it :p I was a Mk-48 gunner for a year and a half, some of the details are rusty, but if you need any help let me know. One thing I will tell you, we had fixed stocks on the 48's. 46's, not so much.
  15. Morphene

    SAM / Nordin addons

    Just the mission file?