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  1. I have several campfires set up throughout a MOUT course because the light they provide is the level I'm looking for, but the sound of them burning is a bit much. Is there a way to disable the sound on the campfires?
  2. Schalton

    RTS - Farm Wars

    I saw no close button on the bottom right and ESC didn't work =/
  3. Schalton

    Arma 3 and the real world

    So it looks like I have to be the doucher here and ruin all the fun... That's about a 1:6 ratio. If you look at the google maps image, at the bottom there's a little bar that shows size, and it goes to 14m. Now, unless BIS is adding mechas or 'genetically enhanced' giants, the guys aren't 14m wide. Again, I pray that it is, in fact, a life size image, and that the 14m is just due to the altitude of the camera, but I doubt it. On a side note, a large map where choppers ACTUALLY have to watch their fuel, and rides aren't 2-4 minutes long would be VERY much appreciated.