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    2 questions

    it would work without a problem.
  2. Krieg

    2 questions

    OK, venturing beyond my OFP realm once more... Unfortunately, I can answer only the first question, since my poor understanding of ArmA2 scripting. Place a gamelogic, name it gmd, then place another gamelogic and name it gmc1, and then place yet another gamelogic and name it gmc2. Now place a Humvee, and name it car. In it's init field write: gmd moveInDriver car; gmc1 moveInCargo car; gmc2 moveInCargo car Now, I am not sure, but I think there are 2 cargo/ride in the back places. You can easily modify that if I am wrong. Hope that helps; Krieg
  3. Krieg

    Operation Hellfire

    @LeafMaster510 Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it! :D @PopUpTarget Thanks for the test, I will add NVG's.
  4. Krieg

    Operation Hellfire

    @Macser Hmm... Comments about difficulty are mixed, apparently. It seems you can't satisfy everyone's taste... Without use of a dialogues ;)! So, it is finally solved which way I'll deal with difficulty. It will be matter of one dialog, few public variables, and variations of current scripts (i.e. spwaning more smarter enemies on higher difficulty and keeping current spawn scripts for easier difficulty). Thanks on the test! @riffleman Thanks, I'll check it out!
  5. Krieg

    Operation Hellfire

    Thanks for the test, tiket! I am unsure about "whole unit died without firing a bullet". If you mean that your whole squad died upon disembarkation, then I will do my best to fix it. I will do my best to fix the difficulty!
  6. Krieg

    OFP Mission - Need help guys ;)

    Sure, no problem mate! Always glad when I can help. I have strong Russian accent (if need to) and passable US and South US accents.
  7. Krieg

    Operation Hellfire

    @Sanctuary Thanks for trying the mission, glad you liked it! It is entirely possible, even likely, that one of the Cobras managed to survive battle at Morton and head off to mop up any other troublemakers that AI managed to see while engaging their primary targets. That has been reported by beta testers, but I never considered it a major issue, since choppers are brought down in 98% of the cases by either small arms fire, M2 machinegun or one of two Soviet AA soldiers I have placed in Morton. There was one other tank at the Figari, but it does not move. It is likely that tanks encountered some AT infantry that is either randomly placed after the camp or some other AT infatry retreating from the camp. If you did not see any enemy combatants laying dead around, this might have been caused by the fog. @wuschel Thanks for trying the mission! The 1 hour gameplay was reported mostly by beta testers, I personally got 48 minutes, but as the author I know the best strategies and tricks. For camera scripting I used camera.sqs and for the regular Chris' OFP Script Editor.
  8. Krieg

    Operation Hellfire

    Thanks for response, riffleman! :) I glad you liked the mission, I will look forward to fixing the difficulty issues as soon as I am capable of doing it!
  9. Krieg

    Operation Hellfire

    Author: Krieg Type: Single-player mission Required: OFP Resistance 1.96 No addons! Version: Final V1 Mission Description: The Soviets have recently occupied small, yet strategic, island of Everon that sits just 300 miles from shores of the United States. Of course - Russians did not go to all the trouble of capturing the island just for fun. The island has airfield on it! Since war with the Soviet Union is ongoing, last thing Pentagon wants is Soviet bombers at it's doorstep. It has been decided that action must be taken. The best men of USMC have been united in a new task force. United States Marine Corps Task Force Alpha has been assembled. And you are good enough to be part of it. Land at shores of Everon, and secure beachhead for further invasion of the island. Good luck! Features: Intro and outro Voice acting About a hour of gameplay Intense action in the start of the mission Much more cautious atmosphere at in second half of the mission And more! Side-notes: My third mission attempt yet, and in my opinion, the best. Although voice acting is included, do not expect too much of a quality - I'm far from ideal voice actor but also the only one I had at my disposal. If there are still some bugs hiding inside of it, please report it. I'll fix it as soon as I am capable of doing it (my graphic card was fried, so I had to throw in my reserve which is, well, unsupportive towards OFP or any other 3D game). Fell free to suggest any improvements! Have fun! ;) Download: The mission has been reviewed and is hosted at OFPEC.