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    newby question re AI

    If you mean those posted by Undeceived, read his post again. Or read the linked webpage again... Ciao Carl
  2. Carl_D

    Splendid Game Old Chaps, But

    Erudite, elegant, apposite; and the funniest thing I've read in weeks :pc: Ought to be a sticky! Carl
  3. And taking part of a sentence out of context to attribute to someone something they did notassert smacks of trolling. The rest of the sentence and indeed the whole of the paragraph emphasises that there is no empirical evidence on how widespread are the problems, e.g.: That the set "user" includes me I would have thought blindingly obvious. I was not referring to any specific bug, and the doFire bug is clearly a cock-up of some description. It is consistent. However, it isn't doesn't seem only to be graphics problems - there are quite variable problems in A2 1.08 with some people being unable to load some missions or campaigns without error messages, CTDs, or computer lock-ups. Others say it works fine for them. In the case of Bardosy's A2 campaigns I've just learnt that "something changed in the 1.08 bin.pbo" that prevented his campaigns from loading. He has already modified his campaigns to load correctly on 1.08. Not a graphics/hardware issue at all but something to do the description.ext file. I intentionally didn't refer to any specific bug or set of bugs. The point of the post wasn't to deny there are problems - quite the reverse - but to point out that screaming at BIS doesn't help them, or other users with problems, one iota. Feel free to flame away; I shall not be responding to any of your posts. Welcome to my kill-file. *plonk* Carl
  4. Carl_D

    [CAMP] Chesty Puller

    Hi Bardosy Thank you, I didn't know either of those things. I'm happy to stick with the original versions & 1.07 until BI updates the patch. Love the campaigns, by the way Great to be a grunt & not suddenly find half-way through that you have to become a chopper or fighter pilot! One of the reasons I'm getting OA is so I can play your new campaign :) BR Carl
  5. I suspect most of the people who like the patches are too busy playing :) It's interesting to compare your experience with the disparate problems others have had. And I mean disparate; not everyone with problems seems to have exactly the same pattern of issues. IMHO that points to something getting corrupted, Cheers Carl
  6. Carl_D

    newby question re AI

    Agree with your post 100%, except that Mark should be aware that some people have had major problems with both the A2 1.08 & the OA 1.55 patches. Not clear why & it might well be a rather low-frequency issue. Up to Mark whether he patches to 1.08/1.55 or plays safe & opts for the 1.07/1.54 patches (no idea how/if you can do that on Steam). Cheers Carl
  7. Carl_D

    [CAMP] Chesty Puller

    Nah, something broke in the patching; possibly a relatively low-frequency error. All the Seal Team 6 campaigns were broken, but in several different ways, e.g. ST6-4 crashed to a locked grey screen every time I tried it, I had to hard reset. However, other people say 1.08 works fine for them. I've reinstalled 1.07 & that works as before. Cheers carl
  8. As I mentioned in my post, uninstall doesn't touch modfolders so long as you say "NO" when asked if you want to delete saved game files, etc. It only deletes the game files from the installation folder. The installation folder and anything you've added remain intact. I back up the whole folder, it's only about 20 GB. Then I delete the installation folder before copying back; safer than copying with 'overwrite' in case BI ever adds additional files in the game "Addons" folder, /dta or wherever. Those hanging around could potentially cause problems. Note for computer novices: this works only because there are very few and consistent registry entries. This is not necessarily the case for other software. Not a recommended roll-back procedure in general. Ciao Carl ---------- Post added at 14:55 ---------- Previous post was at 14:39 ---------- @others as well as tacticalnuggets: I have no idea how many people are affected by these issues, nor, I hazard, do you. Where are your statistics? Certainly in the case of the A2 1.08 patch, I and others have had sufficiently dire results from the patch that we've reinstalled 1.07. However, yet others say that 1.08 is working perfectly for them. Given the number of active players & assuming a majority have downloaded the various patches, the number of posts complaining would appear to represent a relatively small percentage of users (ofc, not everyone with problems would post, some would just wait patiently for a fix). There are no statistics available to any user, possibly not to BIS either, on how widespread - "big" - these problems are. At least for A2 I suspect something buggy in the patching, whether in the 1.07 -> to 1.08 or in the previous 2 patch jobs since I installed the game. Without comparing MD5 sums from various working & buggy game files - & not just the exes, though that would be a start - it's pure speculation. However, that at least some patchings have apparently worked perfectly does point to an uncontrolled variable. Posts by Dwarden & other BIS staff have dropped significantly compared to the previous week. I am damn sure that's because they're slaving over the keyboards right now to sort things out. And I'm certain they will, just as soon as they can. I don't think screaming at them helps in the least. Please could you cool it a little? BR Carl
  9. Carl_D

    newby question re AI

    Correct ofc. Also muzzle velocity differences mean that for a traversing target the lead (offset) on the target may vary between weapons. I'm not sure if vanilla OA takes barrel length into account; A2 doesn't unless you use Fincuan's trio of addons. Can't speak about OA but some of the zeroing is off in Arma2 (like the G36 IIRC). @Mark: Practice is mandatory (just like real militaries). Try the "Moveable Target Range" mission by Kronzky which covers many of the rifles and MGs in the game: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=81156 Download: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6504 Depending on what/how you play (SP, Co-op, etc.) choose just a few weapons & see how well you can hit the target at different ranges. I suggest iron-sight such as M16 & AK47, reflex (CCO, AK107) scoped M16 ACOG & AK107 PSO, sniper DMR & Dragunov SVD, MG M240 or SAW, & RPK. You can move to one side or other of the runway to aim at targets that are traaversing at angles other than 90 degrees, also moving the target away until it's in a hilly area then following, you can aim at targets that are above or below you to practice elevation correction. Using any scope you need to know how to range with the reticule. There are several guides; one recent one is LaTrang & FelixLegion's "Sniper Operations Manual" which also includes an excellent discussion of the role & tactics of sniper: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12346 I'll be posting a list of other useful guides, threads, etc., covering basic shooting & basic tactics sometime next week in the "NOOBIES..." thread. Cheers Carl
  10. Erm, read the rules on posting spoilers quickly or W0lle or another moderator will rightly be after you with a 2x4 inch cluestick :eek: The last entry in the row of icons just above the Reply message box says 'spoiler'. Click on that before entering anything that refers to any mission or campaign revealing plot/events, etc. Also useful for hiding lots of text that most people don't want to have to scroll through, such as .rpt files. Fortunately I don't think you've revealed very much, not even clear what game you have. But good to hear you're getting into it :) On your other points Vanilla AI drivers: terrible :( Better with certain mods, but still not great. In ArmA you must think tactically & plan ahead, e.g., already have worked out what the best approach routes and best withdrawal routes would be; note the use of plurals! Use the map in advance of an attack to plan both your approach and escape routes. Having alternate escape routes planned (whenever possible) is insurance against the unexpected arrival of enemy reinforcements or armour. A recent post with some very useful tips on map use by CarlGustaffa is #2 in the thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=109860 For a good & relatively short guide to tactics, look in the BI Wiki ("Biki" for short): http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Hints_%26_Tips http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_II_Hints_and_Tips For the real deal on everything about tactics, there's the "ArmA Bible", Dslyecxi's unique "ArmA2 Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Guide" http://ttp2.dslyecxi.com/ On difficulty, you might want to stay on regular but drop the AI slider to 0.5 or so til you get more experience (whiich is hard to get when you're dead - I speak from experience. Of being dead a lot, that is). Commanding the squad is a key skill; Do look at Baz's excellent video guides "Comprehensive and In-Depth guide to commanding your AI squad": http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=12120 Before you hit the download link, be sure to visit the link just above it (ehow.com) for details of how to avoid the 72 MB limit of the download site Here are two threads with useful tips on how to get your team out of trouble (as well as how to avoid getting caught like that in ther first place): http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=9179 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=98062 The post http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1696097&postcount=4 in the second thread also addresses the issue of medics acting so slowly that injured team members - or you - die (thanks, NkEnNy!). On team use: The BI Wiki cited above is just one resource that explains how to set up teams, how to select different types of units for different purposes, and how to use them in different ways whether assaulting, or tactically withdrawing, and so on. Highly recommended; see for example the pages on how to compose and use teams when breaking contact: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Break_Contact More detailed information can of course be found in Dslyecxi's guide. Also read the the excellent BI thread by rotkeps on squad and team command: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=81123 Can't comment on the plane query as I don't like flight sims. It is vast, & that's one of the great things about it (another being the extraordinary support BIS gives to the community, & yet another being the very talented mod, addon & mission makers). A manual to cover just the basics would probably weigh over a kilo... it is a steep learning curve, I'm still on the lower slopes! Be warned however - it's highly addictive :) Cheers Carl
  11. Hi Sumrak What a beautiful Island, thank you I've already spent several hours in the Editor just being a tourist in my LAV GTi.... On top of the big mountain I could almost smell the pines & snow & feel the chill on my face (memories of walks in the Alps, etc.), & the wind sounds were perfect. Just starting to try mission design & Namalsk will be perfect for an idea I have. One question (as yet I don't know enough to test it in the Editor): is the railway bridge destructible (e.g., piles of satchel charges or a JTD_Mines IED)? Running A2 standalone so limited to the demolition kit listed. Still haven't found the entrance to the underground lab.. I'll keep looking. Warm regards Carl
  12. Carl_D

    A2WarMod Release

    @Sickboy Thank you :) That's a very clear explanation and a very helpful tip. I'll be including -skipIntro in my launch parameters. BR Carl
  13. Both good. Another: when setting up a convoy of several vehicles, assign drivers in order as suggested for teams by rickidoo - drivers would be 2,3,4 etc. Benefit: You don't have to look at the team icons to know who's driving what, so it's easy to give orders to the drivers with F2, F3, F4 etc. Ciao Carl
  14. Carl_D

    A2WarMod Release

    Unplayable for me. Crashed every time I loaded Sbrodj (loads fine in 1.07); it didn't recognise SchnapsdroSel's bb-mercs (loaded fine in 1.05 & 1.07) & kept giving the 'deleted content' warning; both of Bardosy's A2 campaigns lost their titles in the "Campaign" list & clicking on either empty line got this type of warning: No entry 'Campaigns\pullercamp\description.ext.Campaign' Neither would load. Sometimes when clicking on a mission in the SP mission list, A2 would immediately CTD; no crashdump, no warnings/errors in the rpt file. Sometimes the game would just lock up (even on BIS' own content), had to ALT TAB & kill it with program manager. Couldn't always ALT TAB out, either. Sometimes on exiting Arma" I'ld get a grey screen and usually have to hit the reset button. That also happened several times when exiting the Editor, even if it was just Utes. Again nothing in the rpt. FPS was crap. Benchmark 1 dropped to 28 from 55, Benchmark 2 from 30 to 18. Turning off vsync didn't help. If I loaded ACE & ACEX the whole game slowed to 8-12 FPS. When I did get a game going I kept running into the 'stuck AI' bug (supposed to have been fixed a while back) where one or more team members would stop & cease to obey orders. In one mission (one of the Seal Team 6 set, non-ACE) the team followed OK but never opened fire even if ordered to. These were with no addons, unless the mission required them. I could go on but no point atm. I suspect that somewhere along the line as I patched to 1.05 -> 1.07 -> 1.08 something went a bit wonky but unless someone responds to my request for MD5 or SHA-1 values, there ain't no way of telling. All the patch files match spec on both MD5 & SHA-1 so the downloads were fine. I notice that some people say it's fine, others report various bugs. One that only some people report is that they still get asked to put the disk in the drive. Happens to me too from time to time (all the way from v1.05), but inserting any old DVD or CD shuts it up. That requirement was removed some time ago but clearly there's still some code - at least in some installations - that remains. Flaky patching? Who knows... Reinstalled from DVD, used the 1.0 -> 1.07 patch & now everything works OK. I'm not tempted to try the 1.08 patch again, I'll just have wait for the next update :( I don't mind in the least seeing it come up when the game launches, after all it's been a lot of work. But every time you start a mission, and when you leave it? Not necessary IMHO. Nicer to see the Warmod page on dev-heaven, btw :) Cheers Carl