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  1. Nitemare26

    Domination2 Nicosia @

    Thanks for these missions bud! :)
  2. Nitemare26

    GITS Evolution for Arrowhead

    Downloading now eggbeast thanks bro ;)
  3. Nitemare26

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait good work you worked hard bro!!
  4. Nitemare26

    Evo Blue and Hohei

    Hey guys, cant wait for the next update :D
  5. AWESOME!!!!! WORKS PERFECT!!! Thank you again for your skills!! Would it be possible to get a DOM or an EVO Working on the Maps that NEVER have them on it such as Namalsk, Jade Groove, Thirsk, etc? Some excellent large maps out there that dont barely have any missions attatched to them would be great if someone gave us some dom or evo on them. Ill be following your posts of more work as I love your mission thanks bro.
  6. I never had to install a mission that came with bisign and server key what should I do with those? Should I make an addon folder? Thanks...
  7. Thank you very much for this!!!
  8. Its not completely fixed!!!!! You guys keep saying that. If yours is working then GREAT!!!!! If you got yours from steam then yours might NOT be working. My steam still is not proper! I cannot click on any of the expansion menues in the game nor did the addons work properly. It is not normal! They installed OA in a seperate folder then ARMA for steam users so trying to use addons gets EXPONENTIALLY problematic. IT IS BY NO MEANS FIXED AND NOT ALL CUSTOMERS ARE SMART ENOUGH TO EXPLAIN WHATS GOIN ON WHICH IS NOT OUR FAULT IT IS MAKERS OF OA AND STEAM I DONT CARE IF YOURS IS WORKING DONT COME ON HERE AND SAY ITS FIXED JUST BECAUSE YOURS IS!
  9. Dwarden we... Im not angry with you sir im sorry about that but I can only assume being a tech guy you are one of the programmers? I feel you guys should have anticitpated issues with steam because of the stuff steam put you and steam customers through last time. Alot of use figured this time around you guys would have remedied it by working closer with steam programmers to get the issues ironed out BEFORE charging people money. Its difficult to go to spend money on something you been waiting for only to have a bunch of headaches and feelings of being let down by both companies again. With that being said I want to thank you Dwarden and ALL Armed Assault series games programmers. You guys really make an AMAZING product and really out did yourselves with OA. I am sorry you got the brunt of things Dwarden but its really for BIS not you sir. I am sorry i appreciate you giving your time for helping us... I hope I didnt ruin your day bro.
  10. Hmmm well if people are asking again then write it again. Do you recieve a pay check for your product support? If you do then be a little more professional. If you are doing this as a service because you love the game then I sincerely apologize!!!! We spent a lot of money on All of the arma games we are frustrated as no one is wealthy to buy the spocket version if they already got the steam one nor does the average person have computer enough hacking skills to get the game running correctly. It is not the customers fault that they can't just install the game and play without hours of reading and re-reading to understand support posts with very little descriptions! Not an attack on you dwarden we are just ANGRY at BIS and you seem to be the one in speaking on their behalf. P.S. There were a lot of issues before with releases through steam. We thought you guys would have anticitpated this again and maybe fixed things before the release but nope us steam customers feel like 2nd class again.
  11. Nitemare26

    Generation kill mod

    MAN O MAN!!! I love this map Thanks ebanks!!!! You guys are awesome I hope you guys stay at this project a while! I love it!:bounce3:
  12. Nitemare26

    Generation kill mod

    I love the Idea for this mod!! I have been waiting for a decent iraq war simulator for years! I love every piece of this addon you men are doing excellent work!! I would like to recommend one thing about the baghdad map. I believe baghdad has a lot of palm groves which are always FUN for a fire fight against Saddams Fedahyeen. Also I think you guys should make parts of baghdad like modules, like right now you guys are making the cross sabers and tomb of unknown soldier maybe you can later on make baghdad part 2 which can be the palace district, and baghdad part 3 where the bridges cross the river and all the journalists stayed at palestine hotel and Firdos Square. Or baghdad part 4 where Saddam international airport is. And later when these parts of baghdad are completed you can maybe piece together the roads and make it one file as a much larger map of Baghdad. Just some ideas please KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!