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  1. Hey, I'm not sure if this has been posted before, i tried searching and wasn't able to find any topics on this. It seems that Ammunition suddenly weighs more when loaded into your weapon than it does in your backpack. For some weapons this isn't much of an issue but for others like MG boxes and Missiles the weight increases substantially when loaded. This affects all weapon types and even weapons from mods. Was there a reason behind this or is it a bug? Unloaded on the left vs loaded on the right (no mods)
  2. Hey guys Another Aussie here looking for a semi serious clan for coop gameplay. I've been playing OFP & Arma 2 for the last 8 years or so and im reasonably competent in most roles. Ive only just started using ACE so im a bit of a noobie when it comes to the ins and outs of it, but i'm liking what im seeing so far. im currently pretty flexible as far as times go too
  3. wraith_v

    How to play ofp in window 7?

    its possible that OFP won't work with widescreen monitors (which I assume that you are using), it did come out in 2001 after all. However Bohemia Interactive recently re-released operation flashpoint as 'Arma: Cold War assault' which is the same as Operation Flashpoint just with a slightly modified engine (I think it supports widescreen) It won't cost you anything to download and you just need to enter your Operation Flashpoint cd key. link to Cold War assault thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=121146&highlight=cold+war+assault
  4. 51 now :D, sadly i haven't been playing much RO2 of late because of my uni assignments :(
  5. Hey and welcome to the forums xgp0006, all of the things you have mentioned can be found somewhere on the forums you just need to know where to look. Most scripts come with a sample mission, download that and play around with it until you are familiar with how it works, then adapt it for your particular mission There are heaps of air support scripts on the forums (literally dozens), including medevac and reinforcement drops It would likely be much easier to just spawn the UAV already flying then update its flight path (not sure how i've never tried using UAV's), there are scripts for this There are dozens of scripts on the forums for this, but you don't need the aircraft to taxi as, there are a heap things that can go wrong during this process, sure it is a bit more realistic but in real life aircraft operate from bases that are hundreds of km away from the fighting. It is much easier to just spawn an aircraft a long distance away (say 3km), you could even put it on a time delay e.g. wait 2mins then spawn the aircraft to simulate travel time. Try searching for 'air support scripts' I believe that you can only see shells in flight on the Artillery fire computer from an artillery gun being used by the player but i wouldn't be surprised if someone has created a script for this Also a tip for searching, limit the search to the 'Arma 2 Editing' section that way you don't pick up every post where someone has mentioned 'air support'
  6. wraith_v

    CWR² Demo

    Hey guys i downloaded this mod about a week ago and i'm having a blast, you have really succeeded in capturing the feel of OFP. I am eagerly looking forward to the full release of CWR2, keep up the excellent work!
  7. wraith_v

    US Marines

    Sorry, I meant M136 round/ammunition I checked it just then and it's only for the the Woodland marpat AT Specialist (M136), the desert marpat version has an M136 round
  8. wraith_v

    Artillery Modules

    I used the vanilla artillery module for the first time in a mission i was making yesterday, it was very simple to implement but lacked customization. You could only assign a single fire mission to a player and only add another after that fire mission had been used up. You should be able to assign a single battery to a player or number of players and it should be restricted by ammunition (number of rounds available to fire and type), time (before the battery is assigned to other units) and availability (is it already on a fire mission) currently batteries using the artillery module have unlimited ammunition, only limited by the number of fire missions assigned to players When calling a fire mission some simple features like - choose number of guns to fire - mission type (infantry, armour, smoke, precision etc) - rate of fire (fast, medium, slow) - duration of fire (short, medium, long, exhaust ammo supply) Combat mission shock force uses a similar system and it's very simple and effective, there are plenty of videos on youtube if you want to have a sticky beak. also you should be able to adjust the battery's fire mid mission or cancel it hope this is helpful
  9. wraith_v

    US Marines

    Hey, loving the new models especially the desert ones :D Anyway just wanted to tell you that the 'AT Specialist (M136)' has an M136 launcher but no Rocket, he also has 8 M16 mags (IIRC) instead of the usual 6 which could be preventing the rocket from being added. Keep up the good work :D
  10. wraith_v

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    20 here (21 this year), started playing Operation Flashpoint when I was 14 my brother also plays and he's 15
  11. ^ EB games for $50, but it's much cheaper to buy from an online store, $10 per DLC
  12. Just wanted to say that I'm having the same problem only it's with one of my own missions For me it seems that if I have more than one condition in my end trigger (e.g. task1done && task2done . . .) it flashes the debriefing only up for a split second. It works as intended if I make it a 'blufor present' trigger or only have one condition EDIT: running Arma 2 Combined Ops with PMC & BAF
  13. oh wow, sweet thanks ill check it out :D ok testing it from the MP editor it still does the same thing to test it I put a trigger on radio alpha which completes all the objectives once called, it just jumps back to the server screen with no debriefing. I have "debriefing=1;" at the end of my description.ext file, do I need to do anything else? ---------- Post added at 07:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:21 PM ---------- wait nvm its a problem on my end EDIT: Okay for some reason if I have more than one argument (e.g. task1done && task2done & . . .) on my end trigger it makes the debriefing flash up for a split second and then goes back to the server screen
  14. i'm not sure what you mean, as far as I know you can only get to the editor from the main menu via singleplayer -> Editor