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  1. jagheterjan


    Rate of fire - probably, I guess. I don't do configs so I can't give a definite answer. Picatinny rails - there are two in the 'Ergänzungssatz Optik/Optronik' which is what I'm doing. There definately won't be a full blown rails-on-any-surface version of the MG3 in the mod. It's merely a gap-filler while the MG5 is being finalised.
  2. jagheterjan


    Fennek and Dingo 2 are already in the works, but there's still quite a bit of work to do. Wolf is rather unlikely to ever get done, it just doesn't fit with the general scheme anymore. Maybe when everything else is done and out, I'll revisit my Enok LAPV mesh. But don't hold your breath for it. --- Like we say in Germany 'Pack Dir erstmal an die eigene Nase'. Look who's talking, Joerg. --- A little something to tide you over 'til the next update:
  3. jagheterjan


    Now btt please, everyone.
  4. jagheterjan


    PzH 2000 is on the list. Don't hold your breath for it tho.
  5. jagheterjan


    Not at this time. By 2020, all of them should've finally decomposed.
  6. jagheterjan


    Hej, constructive feedback is always welcomed! WRT to speculars - IIRC the specular maps in A3 currently only allow to control the power of specular highlights with the total range set in the RVMAT config. The colour of the highlights is set there as well. I could set up a bunch of RVMATs to control the speculars of different materials on a model, but that would quickly hammer performance on more complex assets. To be able to do more convincing speculars and still maintain a safe section count, I'd like to control the colour of the highlights via a RGB texture as well. Here's some background info about the rationale behind this: http://www.manufato.com/?p=902 You are aware that a Z Point is already present in the mod? Goes by the name of RSA-S - same thing, just a different name.
  7. jagheterjan


    @ Fabio_Chavez: We'll rather do our own Fennek, Leopard and Boxer meshes than trying to turn those abominations into proper BW equipment ;) The 'flat' speculars are a deliberate decision seeing how real world equipment that's been used for a while - possibly in a dusty environment - will be covered in dust which basically kills any specular highlight irl. Maybe when BIS finally allows texture-driven specular colors in RVMATs some day in the future, the spec maps will get overhauled.
  8. jagheterjan


    Not at this time.
  9. jagheterjan


    @ Scarecrow: The H&K 121 is certainly planned but on hold for the moment, just like the procurement of the real thing. There'll be a MG3 variant out soon to bridge that gap along with some other goodies that didn't make the deadline for the initial release.
  10. jagheterjan


    @ Bad Benson, Darkhorse: There are no ported assets that I'm aware of. We surely have no access to the stuff the old BWmod crew did and we wouldn't have much use for those either - most of the stuff the old team did is currently being replaced in real life by the stuff we're doing. Snorri who's helping us out with texturing was part of the old team though, so there's a wee bit of a connection between the old team and us. @ topas: Our focus is on Bundeswehr equipment that'll be in use around 2020. So most of the stuff we're building has made it well past the concept and prototype stages, ie is already fielded or about to enter service soonâ„¢. There might be at some point a few 'what if' assets of sorts in the mod but those are on the backburner for now. @ Corporal-Lib: The Typhoon made by RockApe of RKSL fame is stunning in A2 and will surely be rocking in A3. It even comes with German unit markings, so there is really little point in trying to do our own EF2000.
  11. jagheterjan

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Good stuff Hawk, I envy your perseverance!
  12. Hey, I think that this release is the most awesome and anticipated in quite a while.. i think most people who play ArmA II will agree with me. Grats Nod and Franze!
  13. jagheterjan

    Arma Memes...

    * disclaimer: post may contain sarcasm and/or irony. wearing of suitable protective wear is advised.
  14. jagheterjan

    Should Arma 3 open a hat store on steam?

    No. Just no.
  15. The BIS legal department's gonna be first in line to have a chat with him in any case.