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  1. Hi.

    I have to ask you a couple of things : I dont get a clue to the editor (Im new to Arma2). For the Mod, i put a zombie module, then i add a bunch of zombies, i set the friendly thing to "Nobody" for independants, but they dont attack me. They just stand there, doing nothing, never attacking. I added a civilian for the Infected module but they dont attack him neither.

    So i'm kinda lost with this.

    I tried the missions provided with the Mod but here again they just dont move. So i wanted to know if you could just make a quick and basic mission (like a bunch of zombies just attacking the player) so that i can understand how it works ? (because i'm obviously missing something) and upload it somewhere so that i can try it on my own ?

    Than you so much in advance !!