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  1. Is there ever a chance of you making a SP version for this? It's almost impossible for me to play this on lan for more than a few hours before the lag kills it.
  2. Cool really looking forward to an SP version as well, I feel like this mission can only be played on a dedicated server or in SP mode.
  3. Yeah but last I checked you cant save on them. And many coop missions have no AI.
  4. Any SP missions using this?
  5. Does this require a dedicated server? or can I play this singleplayer on LAN?
  6. Well I know I could just lower the number of towns but I never wanted to do that. I wanted to fight over the entire map if I was cool with lowering the number I wouldn't have made this thread. Well then if 32 is unstable then how come no one has at least made a 24, 12 v 12 player version? I know the a 8v8v8 version but I don't like the idea of a threeway fight.
  7. I want to play warfare in SP LAN over the entire Chernarus map but the vanilla version has only 16 players, which is far too low for that huge Chernarus map. As far as I can tell for the Chernarus map to be played in its entirety it needs at least 32 players AI or not. I tried Warfare BE but I found it to be very unstable on my PC and had far too many parameters I had to check before I made the game I wanted. Then I tried 32 Oden's Warfare but the menus were so damn laggy and slow that it was completely unplayable. And all the other warfare versions with at least 32 players were PVP only and turned the AI off! It seems Vanilla is the perfect warfare for me but the only problem is it just has too few player/AI slots. I've looked everywhere but for the life of me I can't find a 32 player version of vanilla warfare. Why is that?
  8. Do these missions spawn outpost/bases I can attack? Or does it have a spec ops mode where HQ gives me objectives?
  9. I was playing this on LAN and there's no AI players or AI commander at all.
  10. Are the 4 missions on the front page the only publicly released missions that use WICT?
  11. Do I have to be the commander and give the orders or can I be just another grunt?
  12. I feel like playing some Warfare singeplayer on LAN but I don't exactly know the differences between Warfare BE or vanilla warfare. So which is best and which is more stable? Or should I just say to hell with this and go to OFP CTI lol.
  13. In the vanilla Arma 2 CO missions I was wondering if the AI ever uses aircraft.
  14. JB1528

    Seize zones [Takistan] (SP)

    Does this game dynamically add bunkers for me? Because I really just want to run around and fight, not run around and place bunkers.