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  1. Saw this show up in my facebook news feed, really nice work Samael!
  2. Tweetdezweet

    [Mvdd] EODmydog [Module]

    Tried the mod for a bit today, also had the script error occur everytime, I also noticed the dog does not move when I order it to search for explosives in my area dno if that is related to the script error any idea on a release date? really love the concept of this mod!
  3. unfortunately that was how I started off so that also doesnt work, will see if I can run my own dedicated server using six-updater, if that also works like a charm I need to talk to one of our server admins but thx for your help :)
  4. I tried using global variables but the exact same behaviour happens as I suscpected. The condition for the waypoint is met through setting the variables required for the waypoint condition, however they first run off to a random spot in the hills before moving to their next waypoint... really annoying since there seems to be no logical explanation for this odd behaviour :s could it have something to do with AI skill settings on the server I am testing this on?
  5. I am using the globalExecute function from CBA to change those values, so it should work, also they stop at the waypoint so the initializing isnt the problem as well hmz I am gonna try global variables but the issue doesnt seem related to the locality of the variables since they actually do start on their next waypoint, they just run off in a random direction and then return to do their next waypoint, which they cant do if the variable values are wrong since they are in the waypoint condition really confusing tbh :s
  6. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getVariable the syntax I use is the one where if the variable doesnt exist it returns the default value, so the issue is not that command :)
  7. Hi, I have been struggling for hours with the following problem: I build a checkpoint where 2 civilians drive to and put 3 waypoints there, allmost on top of each other: 1) move (towards checkpoint) (condition: civi1 getVariable ["GetOut", false] && civi2 getVariable ["Getout", false]) 2) getout (condition: civi1 getVariable ["clearToGo", false] && civi2 getVariable ["clearToGo", false]) 3) getInNearest 4) move (away from checkpoint) I have added an action to the vehicle they use called "Order get out" and an action called "Cleared to go" to both civilian units As you guessed, the "Order get out", basically does setVariable ["GetOut", true,true] and ofc "Cleared to go" does setVariable ["clearToGo", true, true] for both civilians When I test this in SP it works like a charm, when I host a server myself (internet or LAN), it also works like a charm... but on the dedicated server, they get out, run off to a random point in the hills to just return after a while to the waypoint they were supposed to be at I am seriously clueless, I tried everything I can think off :( Any help is greatly appreciated. grtz Tweet
  8. ah cool thx, the scripts are using nearTargets atm but they dont take the position accuracy into account whatsoever, will see if I can figure out how to deal with the different values of the perceived position accuracy
  9. Hi Shay, I'll keep you updated on the scripts, they are working but I am not happy with the fact that the AI currently detects undercover agents when they take out weapons without a "line of sight" between them That turns out to be a real deal-breaker, am looking into a script from Mando Missile Mod that was posted as a reply on the question for a LOS-script, if it does what I hope it does I will ask permission and implement it Sickboy was kind enough to provide me with project space on dev-heaven, once all input of the current status of the undercover agents is done I will make the project public so everyone that is intrested can keep track of the development and give feedback Summary of current status: - 4 scripts running parallel to check all 4 detection conditions - 1 script to monitor if one of those 4 scripts returns true - the detection is now immediate when conditions are met (looptime < 1 second) - minor bug in passport check being performed by AI not in a group - possible lag on client due to the fact that all scripts run local to client (not reported yet but in theory it should cause lag :p) Future fixes: - port all scripts to run on the server instead of client - adding L.O.S. to condition for being detected - adding parameter to give UA radios (none, short range, long range) - adding parameter to allow "radio use" with ACRE as a detection condition - cleanup of the UA gearscripts to make changes in gear easier for mission makers grtz Tweet
  10. Atm those scripts are running local on each client that is playing as a undercover agent, they are however usable since it doesnt present any "pc lag" issues The passport part of the scripts is disabled since I have a bug that I cant seem to solve easily. Currently I am porting those scripts so that they will be running serverside and not local to the client to reduce performance issues in the future where I will add even more options like security checkpoints and safe houses. grtz Tweet
  11. yo m8, I currently dont have a lot of time but I might have a solution for that If you want we can make a deal: you find me that damn single bug in the undercover agents so they can be implemented In exchange I'll write you the deletable 3d editor stuff :p :p
  12. Tweetdezweet

    How do I setup the UAV?

    I was looking into this myself today and after a lot of searching I figured a solution myself when I tried tweaking the existing scripts inside the module pbo file setup everything as you normally would for using an UAV but add this to the initline of the vehicle you want to use as a terminal: this addAction ["UAV","ca\modules\uav\data\scripts\uav_interface.sqf", [uAVTEST, this], 0, false, false, "", "_this in _target"]; UAVTEST is the name I gave to the UAV module so just replace that with the name of your UAV module grtz tweetdezweet
  13. as allways great job Shay!
  14. Tweet is his name suggest that befor and he even promised to make it -> lol I will fix this for the next version, just need to change one line of code for that :) Atm I am working on a few things that might be implemented into mcc, one of them is a cctv camera script, it will allow to select buildings on the map to have cctv cameras and a controlcenter (can be in another building), even with an AI observer notifying other AI of any presence in the monitored building :) Hope to have it finished and tested properly by the end of next week (a lot of stuff is allready working )
  15. I have been using MCC a long time since I became a member of Marsoc, the way I make missions if they require very precise placement of units or scripted triggers is to simply 1. open the editor 2. save an empty mission to create the folder 3. copy all files from the mcc mission into that new folder 4. Export to mp in the editor 5. launch the mission 6. start RTE and export everything I need and merge it with sqm this way I can have the best out of both MCC and the 2d editor unfortunately I was stupid enough to update my RTE capture and now I can't merge anymore :(