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    How to turn off auto-saving in Eden editor?

    it was the ui size indeed. I changed it and now can choose 'Never' from the auto-saving menu. Thank you
  2. I'm testing a mission in Eden which doesn't require any mods by default. My game client is modded and when I open the mission the editor keep saving it and ruin it that way, because I cant open it anymore if I unload any of my current mods... Is there any way to disable the auto-saving option of the Eden editor. When I open the preferences menu, there is a drop-down menu which says '15 mins', but when I click on it - nothing happens...
  3. { if (!(_x getVariable["hell_protected", false])) then { _x setDamage 1; }; } forEach thisList; I put that into "On Act" of the trigger and then placed "player setVariable["hell_protected", true, true];" in the init line of my unit. It works for me and I'm not killed anymore, but there is a side effect -> all custom placed objects like ammoboxes, helicopters etc explode. So is it necessary to put that variable in the init line of everything I place in the dead zone perimeter?
  4. I would like to protect certain area on the map from trespassing of strangers, so I placed a trigger with current settings: Type: None Activation: Anybody Activation type: Present Repeatable Condition: this On Activation: {_x setdamage 1} foreach thislist The trigger kills everyone passing the zone which is perfect, but also I would like to be able to reach that area, now I get killed like everyone else. Is it possible somehow to list some UIDs in the trigger condition which will be excluded from the trigger? If it's not possible to be done with UIDs (or too complicated) I could use unit names instead (JohnnyOne, JohnnyTwo etc.) Also I would like the trigger to work on both hosted and dedi server.
  5. helldesign

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Please let me know how if you find out.
  6. helldesign

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I didn't know it's not implemented yet. I'll give a try to that file. Thanks guys.
  7. helldesign

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    How to use the Electro-Optical Targeting System of F-35A Lighting II? When I turn it on from the menu it opens a small map with the only option to set and clear GPS target. I thought EOTS is meant to be something like this: or am I mistaken?
  8. helldesign

    BI wiki?

    Thank you
  9. helldesign

    BI wiki?

    Is it just me or the wiki website is not working? https://community.bistudio.com I got "502 Bad Gateway" error since the morning.
  10. How can I lock on ground targets with UAV? I used to use the TAB key, but now with ACE doesn't work anymore. If I laze the target, the missile always go right of it and I have to compensate manually, which leads to waste of ammo.
  11. (restarted the game) Zooming in to the max: my turret (you can see at the top only @cba and @ace are the only mods) Doesn't look like the Kimi's display: ace turret Maybe something is messed up with my game installation or the downloaded mods... not sure Thanks Zriel
  12. Okay, I see now the Designator option. Thank you. The turret camera is still the vanilla one, though...
  13. I tried with only Ace3 (3.0.0) and CBA (last r6 hotfix) enabled. This is my arma 3 init line: -noLogs -cpuCount=4 exThreads=7 -maxmem=2047 -maxvram=900 -nosplash -skipIntro -noPause -world=empty -high -malloc=tbbmalloc -winxp -mod=@CBA_A3;@ace Placed 2 empty Comanches (with Zeus) - one RAH-66 Comanche and one ACE_Comanche_Test. Both turret cameras look like that: RAH-66 Comanche (279 kB) ACE_Comanche_Test (279 kB) Also I don't have option for "laser designation" from the self-interaction menu (not sure if it's suppose to be there): self-interaction menu (343 kB) BTW I didn't place any ace modules on the map. Should I do it?