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  1. My system is old compared to all yours p Intel q6600 cpu overclocked to 2-8g 2 gigs ddr 400 Ati 4870 1gb. Gotta be one of the oldest systems here lol Plays the alpha pretty good tho
  2. Hello. Im looking for a good uk team to play with. Been playing arma from op flashpoint days. Looking for mil sim play. Have mic. 34 year old . Can be on a couple of times per week. Was active on arma 2 but now moved over to the arma 3 alpha.looking for a team that plays in an organised fashion and as a team. Thanks Steve79
  3. Hi,im steve i am 32 and want to get into arma 2 again.used to play with a clan until my arma 2 hiatus. i am looking for a uk based clan that play with realism and teamwork and a chain of command. i use teamspeak 3 and own a mic. can play any role including pilot. i own arma 2.op arrowhead.baf .willing to use mods too. please help me get back into arma 2 ;:D thankyou
  4. Great missions :D anyone getting any errors on startup? im getting an error about shaders on startup,but if i start baf using the shortcut it works fine....also ,dont think i had this problem before the patch,but the ai pathfinding on the 2nd mission seems to be off,the driver has problems going around buildings and try's going through them,anyone else getting that? great work tho
  5. Like what? just wont load the main page ,just get a white blank page.must be a problem my end.dl now from gamersgate 82% done :)
  6. Anyone else having problems getting on the sprocket website?:(
  7. Been playing since the begining.have a mate that stills plays ofp
  8. Hello everyone.this is my 1st post here.been playing arma since op flashpoint days.also been using ace mod since the begining.just wanted to raise a glass and say a big thank you to sickboy and the ace team and all the contributers.ace mod turns a good game into a great game.dunno how you all find the time to put out such high quality content.thank ace team:clap: