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  1. BigRon

    USS Nimitz

    The front part of the carrier also "sank" for me as well when i shot it with the GAU8 during a mission. i've been trying to recreate what happened ever since and i cant seem to do it. ive crashed planes into the deck (at 1300 knots), hit it with 230 GBU-12's, and even hit it with 5 MOABs simultaneously.
  2. BigRon

    USS Nimitz

    Think of the elevators as your regular office type elevator. you can call it to your position from the switch on the wall, but you can also control the elevator from the panel inside the elevator.
  3. BigRon

    USS Nimitz

    Is there any way to activate the hanger bay elevators when they are in the opposite position (Lower them from inside the hanger, or raise them from the flight deck)?? If i may make a suggestion, maybe you could put a switch on the wall of the hanger bay and the flight deck and also add the action to said switch/terminal.
  4. Do the Catapults and Cables work without modification? or is that up to the mission makers to setup?
  5. looks great! I can't wait to build a domination mission around it!
  6. BigRon

    RH wip thread

    Not sure if this has already been discussed but, i would love to see the .50 Beowulf (.50 cal variant of the M4/M16/AR15). speaking of civilian rifles, the M1 Garand or M1 Carbine are very common civilian rifles. maybe you could do some savage hunting or law enforcement rifles as well for a civilian pack??
  7. BigRon

    F-22A Raptor

    yes, i mean in game, mainly in dogfights i notice it more than ever. not a big deal though.. okay, ill quit hijacking now :D
  8. BigRon

    F-22A Raptor

    I made the mistake of thinking that the GAU-12 and M61 fired the same round, thats why i thought the M61 was underpowered. i made the mistake of comparing it to the F35 which fires a larger round, instead of relating it to something that fires the same, or similar, round. Now that i realize the difference, it makes sense that it feels underpowered. Also, i wouldn't say i'm "complaining", i'm just giving my feedback. If im coming off as "rude" let me know and i won't share my opinion.
  9. BigRon

    F-22A Raptor

    Without tracers its extremely hard (for me) to correct for range, speed, ect. The way i see it, is that if you are within range to hit a target with the Vulcan, stealth isn't much of a factor because you are within visible range anyway. Again, its your mod, not mine. I'm just giving you my opinion/feedback.
  10. BigRon

    F-22A Raptor

    i thought the GAU-12 was 20mm as well (its 25mm), thats why i thought that it the m61 felt "nerfed" compared to the GAU-12. so is the tracer issue related to the type of ammo? i'll see if i can dig up any info on how to modify a ammo type to make them a tracer round.
  11. BigRon

    F-22A Raptor

    I noticed that the main gun (m62a1) is somewhat useless against any sort of hard target. i think it would be better to use the GAU-12 or something similar. and its pretty hard to see where you're firing from the lack of tracers. The HUD (or whatever you call it, the green thing with the reticule) is very hard to see through at night. The sounds should also be redone if possible, maybe you could contact the person who made the HiFi sound mod and use the F35 sound or something. he may even be generous enough to make a sound specifically for the F-22A. The gun sound should also be redone as well. but im sure sounds are one of the last things you're going to fix.
  12. I would like it to say "Wire Caught!" in the vehicle channel when you land. i love the idea of the arrestor hook breaking! or to make it less annoying maybe you could make the plane come "unhooked" if you land too fast, so you would have to re-approach.
  13. BigRon

    F-22A Raptor

    Great job guys! The handling is great, i love how quick it turns. the thrust vectoring seems to work how it should, it just doesn't seem to have enough power to complete a full turn without stalling. I also noticed the bombs are about 5-10 meters off (travels too far). if i may make some suggestions now. (i don't mean to be a pain in the ass, these are just minor criticisms. its your plane, do with it what you please) Maybe you could script the cockpit to close after a certain speed (20 knots or so). and also, could you make the afterburner shut off when you let off the throttle, but come back on when you go full throttle again (if its switched on in the first place) I didn't see anything wrong with the afterburner so long as you are full throttle. its just a minor annoyance if it shuts off every time you let off the throttle and you have to switch it back on Anyway, thanks again for making a kickass addon! :D
  14. im having some issues placing a runway at the airstrip (NE corner in Chernerus). i used the map_eu editor update to place the runway but i cant use it without the addon. so if i know the locations of all of the strips of runway cant i script them in?
  15. Okay thanks alot guys, for anyone curious on how to do this add this into the init on your osprey this setPosASL [getPosASL this select 0, getPosASL this select 1, 16]; veh = [this, 15, 120, 0, TRUE, FALSE, "_xtype = [this,1] execvm ""\ca\air2\mv22\scripts\pack.sqf"""] execVM "vehicle.sqf"; _xtype = [this,1] execvm "\ca\air2\mv22\scripts\pack.sqf" "MV22" is the name of the osprey, change if needed then create a trigger and put this in the conditions (as mentioned above) player==driver mv22 then put this in the activation _xtype = [mv22,0] execvm "\ca\air2\mv22\scripts\pack.sqf"