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  1. Excellent! Thank you so much for helping me! Now my police mission is complete and time for MP testing. :cool:
  2. Well, I would rather delete the units that are in the animation state because the arrested units will start piling up. :)
  3. Dude thanks! I have another problem though! I need to create another trigger so that players can't keep collecting rewards for arrested civilians. I tried doing it on my own but it doesn't work. :( sleep 5; JailZone2=createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",getmarkerPos "JailZone"]; JailZone2 setPos (getMarkerPos "JailZone"); JailZone2 setTriggerArea [50,50,0,false]; JailZone2 setTriggerActivation ["CIV","PRESENT",true]; JailZone2 setTriggerStatements ["this", "{if((_x distance JailZoneArea < 10) && (animationstate _x == ""civillying01"")) [b]then {deleteVehicle [_x]} else {};} foreach thisList;", ""];[/b] <======
  4. Well, the trigger doesn't actually exist when the mission starts. I placed an object in the editor and place this addaction ["Turn in Criminals", "JailZone.sqf"]; in the objects init. When a player uses the action the script gets executed inside JailZone is the arrestcheck script. Both scripts are working the problem is with arrestcheck now. JailZone.sqf sleep 1; JailZone1=createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",getmarkerPos "JailZone"]; JailZone1 setPos (getMarkerPos "JailZone"); JailZone1 setTriggerArea [50,50,0,false]; JailZone1 setTriggerActivation ["CIV","PRESENT",true]; JailZone1 setTriggerStatements ["this", "{[_x] execVM ""ArrestCheck.sqf""} forEach thisList", ""]; sleep 1; Hint "Jail Zone Refreshed"; ArrestCheck.sqf sleep 1; _x = _this select 0; [b]{if((_x distance JailZoneArea < 10) && (animationstate _x == "civillying01")) then {[_x] execVM "ArrestReward.sqf"} else {};} foreach thislist;[/b] <---- Isn't detecting animation for some reason?
  5. I'm trying to create a trigger that's condition to activate is if the civilians in the area are in the animationstate "civilying01" and if they are for it to run a script. :confused:
  6. Oh cool thanks for the suggestion about -ShowScriptErrors! In the else { } part of arrestcheck script how do I display a hint? else {Hint "Test"} doesn't work. sleep 1; Hint "Checking Animations 1"; _x = _this select 0; Hint "Checking Animations 2"; {if((_x distance JailZoneArea < 10) && (animationstate _x == "civillying01")) then {[_x] execVM "ArrestReward.sqf"} [b]else {}[/b];} foreach thislist; Hint "Checking Animations 3";
  7. New script code, the script stops on "Checking Animations 2" Hint "Checking Animations 1"; _x = _this select 0; Hint "Checking Animations 2"; [b]if (animationState _x == "CivilLying01") then { [_x] execVM ""Reward.sqf"" };[/b] <--------- Script not processing this line of code Hint "Checking Animations 3";
  8. Hi, can someone help me? I'm not sure if this is correct it doesn't work so I must of messed up somewhere. I have a trigger placed near the "Jail" and it the init is [] exec "JailZone.sqf" the JailZone script displays the hint but the ArrestCheck script fails somewhere and doesn't show the hint. :confused: EDIT: If it's possible I would rather have the trigger created through script to instead check if the unit is "captive" and then run a script for all units in the trigger. "JailZone" sleep 15; JailZone1=createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",getPos _object]; JailZone1 setPos (getMarkerPos "JailZone") JailZone1 setTriggerArea [50,50,0,false]; JailZone1 setTriggerActivation ["CIV","PRESENT",true]; JailZone1 setTriggerStatements ["this", "{[_x] exec ""ArrestCheck.sqf""} forEach thisList", "'"]; sleep 1; Hint "Jail Zone Refreshed"; "ArrestCheck" sleep 15; _x = _this select 0; if (animationState _x == "CivilLying01") then { [_x] exec ""Reward.sqf"" }; Hint "Checking Animations";
  9. FelixK44

    Patrol Operations 2

    I figured out what was causing the glitch. It seems if the unit who initiates the dragging/carrying is holding a pistol their frozen from moving. FIXED! Simple if anyone is interested go here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=2135 place the script inside PO2 folder add the fix to the top of "mps_func_clienteventhandlers.sqf" now all you have to do is "Holster" your weapon if all you have is a pistol to prevent the frozen movement bug while dragging. cheetah_holster_act = [] execVM "holster\gunControl.sqf";
  10. FelixK44

    Patrol Operations 2

    I'm having problems with the ACE wounds version of PO2 in Chernarus. No one on my server can heal other players, and if they attempt to drag or carry an injured unit their "frozen" unable to move. I'm not really sure how to fix this but it's very annoying has anyone had a similar issue and know how to solve it? EDIT: Thought I would add that loading PO2 in the editor for SP testing also disables dragging/carrying and healing for AI units. ACE Wounds works on all other missions that I try in editor/mp.
  11. I'm trying to spawn "car1" on the nearestRoad 300m from "player", I've tried (getpos NearestRoads player) and it doesn't work. :confused: car1 = createVehicle ["Lada1", [(getpos player) select 0,(getpos player) select 1,0], [], 575, "FORM"]; ---------- Post added at 07:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:14 PM ---------- Well, once again I asked for help too soon. If anyone else is interested........ CREATE MARKER IN EDITOR NAME IT roadMarker _templist = player nearRoads 50; if (count _templist == 0) exitwith {Hint "Spawn Failed"}; _trk = _templist select 0; "roadMarker" setMarkerPos (getpos _trk); //Car1 can be anything, "VehicleClassName" should be name of vehicle Lada1 etc. "375" is the spawn distance from marker. Car1= createVehicle ["VehicleClassName", [(getMarkerPos "roadMarker") select 0,(getMarkerPos "roadMarker") select 1,0], [], 375, "FORM"];
  12. Yeah I tried that the "Order to Stop" action goes away and no new arrest option appears.
  13. I installed AIM but for some reason there is no "ARREST" option only "Order to Stop" is this a known bug or did I mess something up?
  14. Anyone who's played the SWAT series will understand what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm currently creating something and the one problem I can't figure out is how to create a script that can be activated with "addaction" and plays a ArmA2:CO sound while also increasing the chances of ARMED enemies surrendering in a certain radius around the shouting player. Does anyone know if its possible to do this?
  15. Hi, I'm having trouble trying to get this to work. My init.sqf only has one line of code exec "init-shop.sqf" for some reason nothing happens when I execute guntest.sqf init-shop.sqf _unit123 setVariable ["cash", 1]; guntest.sqf //this addAction[("<t color=""#660066"">" + ("Buy AK47") +"</t>"),"shop\guntest.sqf"]; <--- placed in object init if (cash < 250) then { Hint "You do not have enough money"; } else { _curcash = _unit123 getVariable "cash"; _unit123 setVariable ["cash",_curcash - 250]; gunlocker addWeaponCargo ["AK_47_M", 1]; gunlocker addMagazineCargo ["30Rnd_762x39_AK47", 5]; Hint "Check your gunlocker"; };