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  1. So Take2/Firaxis has settled on $5 per Civ price-point. EA/Maxis charges on average a dollar per unique item. For the core production of these elements it's about 2-3 days work for their dev teams. Testing is almost unnecessary as they're such basic elements. So when people complain about DLC here, I'd really like you all to look at the rest of the industry and understand how much value BIS is offering compared to the competition. You don't have to like DLC, but I'd hope you'd appreciate the amount of work that goes into it compared to what a lot of other studios deliver.
  2. Looks like we can't delete vegetation and that would apply to the benches as per this thread? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=98454&highlight=hideobject So, the church will have a few indoor plants and benches. Should work good :)
  3. Excellent, I'm getting closer! Just 1 remaining issue. 1. I need to remove two benches that are normally in the courtyard of the church. But the ID #'s are obscured by the the old church building. How can I see those ID #'s or get them? <--- I could see the last 3 digits and was able to figure it the rest based on the other ID"s in the area. 2. The replacement church doesn't want to face the direction I want it to, no matter how I rotate the game logic icon. Any tricks to overcome that?
  4. Holy cow, if this works I will be one very happy bunny. Gonna try it right now. ---wonderful, works!--- Is there a way I can destroy/remove the old church and have this one plopped down in its place (ie. not exploding of course)? If not, I guess this town will have 2 churches :)
  5. I just realized I made a very stupid mistake. I'd started this work in the larger town with the white church (Chernarus) and since the church was side-on to where I was testing I just assumed it was enterable. To my dismay, it's not :( Now I have to recreate the entire scenario in a totally different town. So dumb on my part. ST_Dux - I think your script is eactly what I'll need. I think if I had everyone go to the same point inside the church it might create issues (I'd like to have up to 25 civilians go in). ---edit--- None of the "open churches" are in a landscape which fits my mission and the perspective needed. Is there any way I can replace the church in Stary Sobor with the one from Novy Sobor?
  6. I did some searches but nothing really seemed to fit what I want to do. I have 15 civilians in a group, they're coming from all over the city and I want them to not just go by the church, but to go inside (hopefully all of them). I'm not used to working with buildings at all, so any help would be great. Thanks guys and gals! :)
  7. I concur wholeheartedly. We really appreciate what you do :)
  8. I'm unfamiliar with that so will definately look it up!
  9. jpinard

    Anzac Mod Wip

    Wow, you guys are pretty darn talented. The helo sounds arre very impressive. On a volume level comparison, is it just a tad louder than BIS's defaults? I think their default aircraft sounds (except afterburner) are too low, but some mods go a bit too far in cranking it up. I think what I'm concerned with is the treble (higher pitch that's the engine noise) being a bit hard on the ears. I hope that dens't sound insulting, because the sounds are beathtaking. I mean, I can almost see the chopper gears churning through the sound! Amazing.
  10. Just curious. It'd be nice to get the AN-2 to take off from lat grassy area or a highway.
  11. I concur, HOWEVER, it's not due soley to groups. Takistan they drive just fine all over using almost no waypoints and driving via road. However when the threat level goes up, they start making the weird detours around invisible objects. So it's not just groups, but threats (which are sometimes quite far away) that's influencing erratic driving behavior. (including other people on roads, slowing down when there's no chance for collision because they are opposing roadways).
  12. I want to support ACE and I want to support BIS. I will do what I can to accomplish both. ACE team, what would you have suggested BIS do for revenue? Full expansion pack been better? Cheers all, sorry for the drama. The above question means no disrepsect and is a nice non-rhetorical question.
  13. I should note I'm changing my stance on one effect. Desert heat and fatigue. I love them now.