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  1. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Ace Warfare

    eww im so excited this may even get me to reinstall the game:) thanks for picking it up tavish
  2. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Ace Warfare

    i have no plans to update at this time, if someone else wants to pick it up go for it....
  3. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Domination ports by Bsilenced

    i dont have it anyore myself. i heard some servers were still hosting it, you could find one join it and get it out of your local settings app data cache... either way the mision is really old theres plenty of newer duala ports out there
  4. could you update the d/l link?
  5. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Ace Warfare

    you are correct on the other hand ak47 is even more wide spread and certainly any country using it allied to ru would have ak47
  6. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Ace Warfare

    landrovers are part of the taki forces without taki forces the ru faction is a lil light on equipment options, i agree with the m16 though i dunno y its in there
  7. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Ace Warfare

    i was hoping to get some input from whoevers playing it on that
  8. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Ace Warfare

    added chanarus and zargabad updated 10-10-10 http://www.filefront.com/17373089/ACEWarfare.rar
  9. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Ace Warfare

    sure i will. guess it would be easy enough to add the other islands
  10. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Project Reality - WIP Discussion

    sorry if this has alreay been asked, i was looking on the website it says bf2 required for pr so will arma2 pr require bf2 aswell? can i assume correctly that the oct 15 release ois for bf2? not arma
  11. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Ace Warfare

    updated all known issues added ace strikors http://www.filefront.com/17370458/Ace_WarfareV2_064_1LiteCO.Takistan.rar
  12. {Op4}Bsilenced

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    looking forward to it xeno , im no elite scripter but if you need any help let me know
  13. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Ace Warfare

    when you host the mission up on the bottom right you will see parameters, you have to be admin to change them.. i will set the defaults back on next release too
  14. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Ace Warfare

    i changed some of the default parameters, just look for it in the mp settup. sorry just the way i prefer to play i played the mission yesterday, noted about 15 things need to be fixed. like some of the rockets have the rocket in the tube already no need to have the ammo for it there to buy. at4 nlaw etc somethings screwy with the striker mgs gonna try putting the ace one in even though its not desert cammo.. noticed i removed everything but the BE from benny,s name will put his credits back in woops i put the ace batteries in the loadouts but im not seeing them some weapons and vehicles are in there double maybe bring the nlaw to tier 0? price adjustment needed single shot guided missle with ace mawws or smaw to upgrade 1 double repair vehicle in us LF 3 atvs in us LF lav25 need price balancing ill be working for couple days then ill get back to editing so any constructive feed back on balancing would be greatly appreciated ---------- Post added at 06:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:39 PM ---------- yea i dunno guess the batteriers are in the wrong spot, are they considered ammo maybe? ---------- Post added at 06:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:42 PM ---------- im gonna take a wild theory here and say that must happen with regular warfare too, ill check it out.. ---------- Post added at 06:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:44 PM ---------- oa beta, you are playing co right?
  15. {Op4}Bsilenced

    Ace Warfare

    i made a version of benny warfare for ace, its untested and its gonna need some balancing... http://www.filefront.com/17358906/Ace_WarfareV2_064LiteCO.Takistan.rar updated 10-9-10 http://www.filefront.com/17370458/Ace_WarfareV2_064_1LiteCO.Takistan.rar added chanarus and zargabad updated 10-10-10 http://www.filefront.com/17373089/ACEWarfare.rar this is bennys warfare and its gonna stay that way,what i mean by that is all im doing is adding ace units and items , which means a whole different change up on balancing .. as benny releases new versions i will keep importing ace to it...thanks benny