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    ARMA 3 CrossFireX support

    Hello ALL! Now 2015, I have ARMA3 and the powerful dual-processor videocard (HD7990) with modern drivers from AMD (Omega 14.12) And I have trouble with crossfirex. Arma 3 isn't able to work with two chips well!!! As a result, FPS is too small for good gaming in resolution 1920*1200 (25-40fps) >:-\ I tried a set of the modes ("AMD CrossFire Mode" to "Optimize 1x1" from "defualt mode"), but FPS didn't become more.. Than I begin to find answer on this problem and that I found this: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-r9-290x-hawaii-review,3650-8.html quote "It’d appear that AMD’s Radeon HD 7990 doesn’t have the CrossFire profile it’d need to properly support Arma." Fps has to be same as at gtx 690! These are videocards of one level. Bohemia interactive, Please, say tell owners of the HD 7990 where we need to write that made a good crossfirex profile (AMD or You)??? PLEASE fix this problem!!!!!!!
  2. bonddd

    CRcti Proman

    Hi Muecke!!! Can you make your mission for SP, without network? I very much like to play one against a horde of enemies, but when you expose many bots, the computer starts braking using the server. (sorry for my bad english). What do you think about make you mission to only Single play? :confused:
  3. bonddd

    CRcti Proman

    coop is against the computer?
  4. bonddd

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    delet I was mistaken, not there have written
  5. bonddd

    CRcti Proman

    Hi, Muecke! :) I saw your server in a network and tried to come on it. Need addons from Angry (angry_t72.pbo, angry_zu.pbo and atothers...)! Where they can be downloaded???? :confused:
  6. bonddd

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    Muecke, I found the big problem. After loading of saved game other players cannot play because at them on the screen the map is shown. Сan you correct it? :confused:
  7. bonddd

    CRcti@Angry@sge "MOD"

    Muecke, and another question: Can you increase parametres?: - GroupSize (to 24), - ViewDist (to 5000km) Thank you for the reply :)
  8. bonddd

    CRcti@Angry@sge "MOD"

    :) do you have plans to add ACE2 ???
  9. bonddd

    MCTI - Return of CTI

    plz, we need ACE2 version. very need :811: