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  1. I disagree Mr. Wolf. I'm 38 and many of my friends are in their late 30's. We all have families and lives but we still like to play Arma2 regularly. We don't play COD, DR or any other generic console crap. We are PC gamers in hart and soul and we like to play true PC games that are complex and actually aquire skill to play. Just because we have busy lives does not mean we revert to playing imature games that are made for an outdated infirior piece of crap.:mad:
  2. Nielsneo

    Single Player Campaigns - Must Have Mods

    I'm sorry but if an Osprey suddenly has trouble landing and then crashes because of ACE i call that a big f***ing break! :mad: Before and after using ACE the Osprey landed safely.:confused:
  3. Nielsneo

    Single Player Campaigns - Must Have Mods

    ACE breaks SP missions and campaign. Do not use ACE when playing SP or COOP. I play COOP a lot and when we started using ACE it broke a lot of features that worked without ACE. We suddenly coudn't play our missions. So reserve ACE for MP only.
  4. The maximum is a viewdistance of 10 km.A PC that can run Arma2 maxed out with 10 km viewdistance is indeed not invented yet but that does not mean you can't enjoy Arma 2's graphics at 3,5 km viewdistance.:rolleyes: @Ben: A Pentium 4 is indeed a little on the old side but as i said you can buy a good PC for a nice... price and get good performance with high settings and 3,5 km viewdistance.;)
  5. Ben, my PC was 600 Euros and runs Arma2 fine with high and very high settings. To use a soccer term, "you don't need to bust the net to score a goal". People who say you need a 2500 Euro supercomputer to appreciate today's games have no f***ing clue as to how the PC buisness works. DR and RR can be played on 4 year old PC's because the platforms they are made for are 4 to 5 years old.
  6. Nielsneo

    An Arma 2 questionnaire

    When dealing with friendly AI you need to have a lot of patience.When you have a large group divide them into smaller teams.The overall AI seem to work better in small groups. Also prepare to sit on the sidelines when playing the squadleader and let your friends and friendly AI do the work.Arma 2's AI is one of the best AI out there if you use them correctly.;)
  7. You're right mr. Wolf. I stand corrected. I dug a little deeper and Helios said that humvees are drivable.My apolagies.:o
  8. No. At the CM Red River forums there is a sticky that depict the CONFIRMED features that are or are not in the game. In the in list it states freelook but in the out list it states no driving or piloting of vehicles. The entire campain is played as a marine fireteam and the only times that you are in a vehicle is when you are being transported to the AO.:(
  9. Nielsneo

    Garish light and whistle remove?

    It's called shellshocked. When you're that close to a tankblast, the flash is almost blinding and the sound of the blast is deafening hence the ringin in your ears. Even earplugs provide very little protection to that sound.
  10. I'm really not surprised by how sneaky CM operates when it comes to a OFPDR game. One of the biggest features that people asked for was freelook in vehicles. So for OFPDR RR CM announces that freelook is in while a few days before that it was confirmed that there is no driving or piloting of vehicles. So CM want praise for giving us the ability to turn our heads while sitting in the cargo of a helicopter or in the back of a jeep. :icon_eek::icon_eek:Well done CM, well done.FPDR
  11. Nielsneo

    How Much Is There To See?

    Not exactly. The processor is also very important when it comes to Arma2's visuals. For me at home i can run Arma2 at high and very high settings with 3 km viewdistance and good framerates. But when i go play it at a friends house, who has 2 PC's, i play it on normal settings with 1.6 km viewdistance. The only difference between my PC and the one i play on at my friend's place is the processor. The GPU's are similar but i have a quad-core and his has a dual-core.
  12. That's because in MW2, BC2 and all the other arcade console shooters you are controlling a floating weightless gun, not a soldier. Arma2 does not need this kind of arcade crap. It is a military simulator and therefore simulates how it feels to move around with a lot of weight and a heavy weapon.
  13. Nielsneo

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    How bout instead of horse armor, cow armor. Imagine an insurgant lookout watching the horizon and at that moment a large number of armored cows come stampeding towards the camp. That would be funny as hell.:bounce3::bounce3:
  14. Nielsneo

    PC vs. console sales

    Guess i missed that. :eek: But it's still a vallid point in conjunction with what Archamedes said. When you go to a PC store and you tell the salesman that you are going to use it for word processing he is not going to say "well this $2500 dollar PC should be enough to do it". (Unless he is a shady salesman and the buyer is a complete idiot) Same goes the other way around. When you want a DVD player the salesman is not going to give you a console. :D
  15. Nielsneo

    Video Settings - 'Postprocess effects'

    Motion blur and DOF in games is as unrealistic as a game made by Codemasters. When you move your head that fast it does not blur like in Arma2 because your eyes anticipate the movement and adjust accordingly. DOF in games are compareble with camera's. The human eye is much more sophisticated than a camera lens. This is especially apparant with aiming down the sights. Your view is crisp and clear while your weapon is somewhat blurred. The only game that has ever got this right is OFP:CWC and they used a texture to do it. I turn PP off in every game that has it because for me it ruins the experiance. Even setting PP on low in Arma2 enables the migraine inducing motion blur. I feel so strongly about this that every game that has it and not have a way to disable it, goes back to the store.:mad: If u like those features that's fine, but please don't say it's like in real life because if that were true i'd be walking outside with a constant headache and would need a bucket to wherever i go.