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  1. The next invasion would start in the quiet forest of Arden... We're ready to charge...

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Wow, Ghost enters into a village.
  3. It's understandble you guys would like to put more strength and time on something maybe more urgent and valuable for the Mod. But it's still a great regretful the infantry troops could be exempted from attacks of AI aircrafts no matter they are in groups or so on. It's really not realistic enough in the game of a WW2 scenario. But for the moment, we have to forget it till some other Mods may make it. By way, the planes in the above screens, seem the latest german fighters in the final period of the war.
  4. It's a regretful thing when AI planes worked like that in ARMA2 each time. I think maybe the game developer thinks it's not necessary to let mordern fighters attack the infantry with their extremely powerful weapon. And they use choppers to do it. But is it possible to modify this to let it be workable in WW2 games? Of course, I wont ask a question if your planes could attack tanks with their rockets. I think they must be able to assault something like those big targets without question.
  5. Could they attack infantry troops automatically by A.I. pilots?
  6. Really disappointed at your above statement. Obviously, a person like me would never be able to get such a chance no matter how I love this Mod and had begun to play the first beta german soldier from Inv44 in OFP almost nine years ago.
  7. Would like to talk somthing about the workablity of mortar operation by A.I. Is it possible to let A.I. carry mortar and install it somewhere to give a support fire when it's necessary. For instance, the A.I. gunner could move the mortar, of course, very slowly, and shoot at targets after he finds them and installs the mortar. In addition, in current ARMA2 version or any other Mods, the A.I. machiner gunner seems too ardent to attend a charge. Usually, he will move forward with other soldiers quickly and also could be easier to kill instantly. So is it feasible to let him just stay behind the other charging soldiers and get down to give constant supporting fire for a bit of longer time? Not sure, if it's could be technically workable for your mod working.
  8. Really good news. Much appreciate for what a gerat pleasure you've given us in the previously released stuff and Mods. It seems we always are asking too much for this and that and overlook what hard work it should devote to. Actually, fully aware of it and please dont care too much and just give what your time allowance for it. The updates with more added stuff and details could be followed gradually and will always be curious at what the next one will be... A nice experience anyway.
  9. Will you include Cromwell & Churchill in V2.6 or not?
  10. Their work is extremley nice. I'll be expecting the release to purchase it.
  11. Their website is very quite and simple in contents. Also very strange, up to now, it seems few memebers of the developing team could be found in any forums relating to this game. Few of them join the dicussion with us. Maybe they are too busy to make their work.
  12. I just mean what you really want from a game. It depends personally. Of course, RO & ARMA series are different types and they focus on different features as well. I wont say which is better or not since that wont get any results. And only say what I'm personally interested in a military simulation game. ARMA just suits me much more. For RO fans or for both of them, of course, you justify your choices anyway.
  13. It's just something like CS by gaming feeling. Unlike ARMA2 or upcoming Liberation 44, that could be a real war simulation with more armors, vehicles, troops in the map at the same time. And with their mission editor, lots of new fights and battles could be created. So RO seems not to suit my taste and not interested in shooting only.
  14. Everybody at that time believes Soviets and Nazis would break out a war finally even if they concluded such a peace treat in 1939. And also dont see any reason why couldn't put russian on the west side in game.
  15. Why dont put Russian on the west side in WW2 scenario? They never fighted against british or american during that period. The common enemy is Nazi Germany, even in the very early stage in 1939. Suggest to put polish in the resistance side and german on the east side. That's all.
  16. The biggest difference and attractive factor of the game are that it's not only based on improved ARMA2 OA engine with dozens of new features but keep the function of mission editor. In that case, it would allow the third party addons or Mods just like ARMA2 and enlarge the content with lots of new stuff and missions made freely by players. So it's diffrent from all other FPS games just like Red Orchestra and etc. and makes me to expect its release much.

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    British didn't play well in the battle of Burma. Suggest you to add chinese troops which joined those brutal fights there from the very start and later, they really beated Japanese. Those troops are the elite units from the chinese army.
  18. My only question is where to make the pre-order for this game?
  19. I think one way might make us easier. You could tell the date for more than five months .But suddenly release it some day before four months earlier than it. So all would be happy and appreciate it much.

    China's Aircraft Carrier starts Sea Trials

    'Paper Tiger', and the largest debtor as well, will be stepped down by orient dragon.

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Maybe any chance to get a list of all weapon in the Mod, such as rifle,machinegun, supporting weapon on both sides?

    China's Aircraft Carrier starts Sea Trials

    Maybe US got more benefits than Ukrain itself. At least, it doesn't need to worry the former big bear any more. Now the shape of bear just missing in the map.