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    I have finally....

    Burned myself out on this game :(
  2. what script are you using? Can You post the init here so maybe I can take a peek and see what can be changed? To be honest most of this stuff is quite simple once you take some time to learn it. Anytime I use a script I'll tear it apart (open the sqf in text) and see what makes what work. Pretty simple actually, go into your mission folder and double click the init.sqf, open with selected program, then open with text editor, (make sure to uncheck always use this to open with) and you'll see what they script is made of, alot of times inside the sqf are intructions on what you can and cant change. hope this helps as your post is kinda requesting someone make a script custom just for you....
  3. KillSh0t

    Unit intoa building

    I always use - this disableAI "MOVE";this setPos ((position this nearestObject 1506) buildingPos 12); this setDir 106;this setCaptive true; works great except for the fact that once you disable the AI's movement their basicaly just gonna grow roots and stay right where there at, which works fine when you dont want them running around or moving from the post you put them in, just fails to bring any realism when you finaly reach the house the AI's in and he just stands there looking at you or if your lucky he'll pop a few shots at you. I usually just place the AI and remove the disableAI "move". Either way it does what its supposed to...the hard part is when you wanna place static weapons in buildings :p Then its all about hieght, left, right, etc etc... hope that helped some...
  4. thanks for the help....ill give some of these ideas a try.... Im using this idea on takistan, just thought putting some AA guns ontop of buildings would add some realizism to things and makes it easier when trying to find a place to put the guns.
  5. KillSh0t

    I hate this game!

    lol spets....makes me wonder what kinda babies they would have? Might be a great add-on idea!
  6. I'm trying to set static weapons ontop of buildings I.E. AA guns...MG's... The problem I'm having is getting the gun to sit level with the roof of the house... Im using this setPos ((position this nearestObject 1506) buildingPos 12); this setDir 106;this setCaptive true; and I know theres a way to adjust the height but I cant for the life of me remember what it is.... Can someone help me out, I looked on BI's wiki but most of that is chinese to me :(
  7. KillSh0t

    I hate this game!

    LoL april fools! Just kidding, this game is still amazing, I just spent 90 bucks two weekends ago on a few other games I thought would be worth the money....wrong! Anywhoz, kudos to all those who keep this game as much fun as it is and keep making it even more fun with all the community add-ons, mods, videos, music, and the list goes on.... Seem's anytime I start to get a little bored with this game someone comes out with another great addition to an already great game. Stupid post....just sharin the love... It's april fool's day, now go hurt someones feelings just so you can apologize! :D
  8. place the object (radio) at the location you desire then make a small trigger around it, group the trigger to the unit you want to call in the chopper and set it for when that unit is present and make the trigger "switch" the choppers waypoint to the location. not sure if this is what your lookin for but its simple. Or maybe use the GL4 mod, it has a chopper reinforcment module already in it :)
  9. Ok, making a mission where I placed a wrecked plane from the "wrecks" in the mission editor and I noticed something a bit strange when some opfor units died near it lol djmlj4TIZe0 Anyone know why this happens?
  10. Lately I have been making a lot of missions where Opfor roll into town and start whiping out everyone without a weapon....seems to add more life into why your going after the baddies...anywhoz. I usualy just put - EAST setFriend [CIVILIAN, 0]; in a functions module or set a trigger to activate in a certain area when the opfor roll in...most of the time I'll set a minimum amount of time for visual effects....they roll in, alls well and peacefull.....wrong, bang bang bang, yadda yadda yadda.... Seem's to work just fine even when the civies are spawned from the ambient mod...I wont say opfor will attack ALL civi's but from what Ive seen they attack enough of them to make it worth trying?
  11. Why not just place a trigger and each time a civi is killed you can use hint "you are responsible for that civillians death"
  12. Another Mission I'm working on Inspired by BI's "hike in the hill's" scenario. The Scene takes place while a small convoy of allied troop's are RTB fom a day long patrol near northern Takistan. The convoy is A-bushed by an IED as it makes it's way through Imarat as militia troop's attack whats left of the convoy after the IED totaly evaporates the 13 US army troop's in the M9 truck...Kaboom! Civi's become part of the IED as their blown away from the blast like shrapnel from a human meat grenade...wrong place, wrong time I guess :) All this to the wonderful tune - up from Below by Edward sharpe and the Magnetic Zer0's...Enjoy :) 81vs7bKNFgY Oh and great videos by the way to all you guy's posting, this thread is definitly a great source of entertainment when needed, thank you!
  13. jnNNzn66jJc Gave it another try with another IED scenario I know their getting kind of old but watching things blow up is just so much fun!
  14. KillSh0t

    Floating teleks?

    Alright then, I'm guessing no one knows what causes this but I did get it fixed... Not sure exactly what it was but I deleted some PBO's I had added in the past(the wrong way) and viola, radio towers planted back on the ground where they should be lol. Conflicting add-ons me thinks, that and a lack of knowledge on installing add-ons at the time, anywhoz, all better :D
  15. really nice vid vagabond... kinda wish it didnt follow mine in this post cuz after making mine then watching yours.... I think I'll stick to just making missions that never get played by anyone but me lol!