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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I really miss all the various units and vehicles from Arma 2 to make the arma world feel more alive. No bikes, no police no nothing.... only the same stupid civs... no fun. Is there a mod available or something? It is still so boring after all those years. How should I create interesting stories with this LAZY IMPLEMENTED ARMA III?! It is still an offence after years of development, sorry bis EPIC FAIL.
  2. Have some problems with that C_Van_01_transport_F vehicle. I opened an old mission of mine and this civil truck is not available in the editor, though in the config viewer... Anyone any idea what this means? Anyone else problems with it? thx in advance.
  3. First of all I do admit, I did not search this forum for this kind of issue. I am much too upset atm about this Major Bug in Arma existing for ages and still no fix. So dont bother me with that, please. Why do BIS work on bling when there is such a Pain In The Arse BUG that has the potential to ruin hours long missions with uber performing teams? So, as I do not want to waste my anger by searching for the suitable Bugtracker I hope this issue is going to be fixed ASAP. Anyone supporting this change request? Does anyone know where the bugtracker resides?
  4. IronEddie

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    Thx, for quick reply... I think the savegear is OK, just problems if you get it doubled up all the time when not knowing how to use it ;-)
  5. IronEddie

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    Hi shay_gman, long time no see... Hope you are all good at MARSOC... As I see this Mod based MCC must be the major surprise change you have been talking about last time... Good work, keep it up! This leads me to a number of questions I have regarding the new design of MCC... I am still caught in the mission based thinking and try to use it as a mod now. I only found the description.ext based restrictions to use the MCC mod in a mission. What about other modules like Function Manager, do I need it in a mission? Had strange behaviours using some ACE modules like respawn with same gear for example. To keep it short and simple: What modules do you use in the missions to have it working like the mission based MCC? Could you provide one of the units-only maps you are using now, like in the good old times? Do you have any kind of example template for a dynamic map to make use of all the features provided by MCC? I tried to read over this thread to find some information but I must say it is quite big and did not help me, actually. Thanks in advance and best regards, Iron Eddie PS: There seems to be an issue with JIP players... Some did not get the Spectator running after getting fragged, just Seagulled. I guess it is related to my unknowings described above.
  6. Thanks for the help, I tested it and it works perfectly for me... As you wrote... looks like I have to load another island before being able to see the LHD again in a Utes mission without hiding LHD. As there are not too many Utes maps it is a usability problem I can live with. Maybe I should leave a hint in the briefing?! ;-) So it seems to be possible to get ANY object if the specification is emppty?! Nice finding F2k Sel!
  7. Need some help with hiding the LHD on Utes. Does anyone have a solution for this problem? I just do not want to start an Invasion on Utes with a Carrier around ;-) Thanks in advance. PS: I did try to use hideObject for all LHD Ids like e.g. ((getMarkerPos "lhdhide") nearestObject 7332) hideObject true; also tried. LHD hideObject true; (It says LHD on mouse over) Maybe I do something wrong here?
  8. Hi Shay, first I want to thank you for your quick reply and help with the paratrooper stuff. I have not used them since they are gone into this menu... Another thing I would like to talk about is that some AI spawned in a zone in defensiv behaviour ( I just noticed it with defensiv and did not test it in other behaviour modes) seem to go far off the zone randomly and return after they reached a very far away position. I assume they move to somewhere near the start of MCC or pos[0,0,0]? I am sure you noticed that already. Do you know why this happens and how it could be avoided? Thanks in advance Iron Eddie
  9. Hi Shay, long time no see.... keep up the good work on the MCC. How are you doing at Marsoc, btw? I changed the MCC a bit for our needs at UGAF. TeamStatus is included now, so you can switch the groups during the missions. If you think this would be suitable I can give you the patch. Could be a parameter to turn on and off, maybe. I also reintroduced the flagpoles 'mcc_flagteleport' at the start location on the desert islands Takistan and Zargabad. Was missing, maybe because there is no LHD ;-) but I like it though. One major bug I found is located in the mission.sqm at the Charlie SL slot. The slot demands some 'delta...' gear script and I changed it to charlie... Would be nice if this fix could be introduced in one of the next releases. Last but not least I was desperately looking for the paradrop (enemy troops) stuff in 1.6.2 for a session yesterday. Couldn't find it... What did I oversee? Maybe I find it today if I am not so tired ;-) But help would be appreciated... Regards Iron Eddie
  10. Sorry mate... You know what is annoying for me here? Guys posting and spamming stuff that does not help anyone... and that I do have to reply on your personal problems... not helping with the issue mentioned. And I know you have no clue what you are talking about... Please stop that!
  11. I recently did quite similar stuff and it turned out once again that all the BIS commands do not work as I would expect them to work. Here is what I did to work around the strange behaviour: I place an empty searchlight, call it eg. searchLight_1. Then I place an operator (rifleman) next to it call it searchLightGunner_1. Next step is a trigger (multiple/blue/present on activation: detectedArea_1 = true; publicVariable "detectedArea_1"; On deactivation: detectedArea_1 = false; publicVariable "detected_Area_1"; place another trigger: multiple , Condition: isServer && detectedArea_1 On activation I call a script: nul = [searchLight_1, searchLightGunner_1, ["sl_1_1", "sl_1_2", "sl_1_3", "sl_1_4", "sl_1_5"], 5, 1] execVM "searchLight.sqf"; on deactivation: searchLightGunner_1 action ["getOut", searchLight_1]; searchLightGunner_1 stop true; I wanted the searchlights to scan randomly between some markers (sl_1_1, etc.) If you want just one point to be illuminated you could just use one marker and leave out the random stuff; for example: nul = [searchLight_1, searchLightGunner_1, marker_1] execVM "searchLight.sqf"; ------- searchLight.sqf ----- _light = _this select 0; _lighter = _this select 1; _marker = _this select 2; // just for the case.... _lighter disableAI "TARGET"; _lighter disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; while {detectedArea_1} do { _lighter action ["getInGunner",_light]; _light doWatch (getMarkerPos _marker); }; // Maybe you need something like this here.... _lighter action ["getOut",_light]; _lighter stop true; ---- Something like that should work... maybe there is a more elegant way to get what you want, as I just took the stuff from a more complex issue....
  12. should be fixed soon... Or is there any new command that is equivalent? I do need the AI to fire at dummy targets and ot straight in the air...
  13. IronEddie


    ... where is the bugtracker to put it in? It is really nasty...
  14. Thx for that hint.... put it there.
  15. Hi all, this is a mission where you have to kidnap or protect a journalist, depending on your faction. The idea behind this mission: Player vs. Player, COOP style. No suicide moves like on PvP with respawn... if you do so, you are out of the action... If you die you end up somewhere on the island at some kind of shooting range where you can practice with all the weapons available... ..and wait for the next round.... OA without ACE: PvP16_TheJournalist_OA_noace.Zargabad.pbo OA and ACE: PvP16_TheJournalist_OA_ace.Zargabad.pbo Hopefully, you enjoy this kind of gameplay. Anykind of feedback would be nice...