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  1. I've identified the no-progress-issue for mission 2. It's nearly impossible to get reliable AI waypoints for entering and disembarking the speedboat. You couldn't kill all enemys as they weren't even present on the island. Working on it. Edit: I had to remove the notalive-opfor-trigger, now it's foolproof.
  2. As i too wasn't happy about the jump back to the main menu, i've tested it several times. The wrongly named "Replay"-button actually won't restart the mission (as we might expect) but loads your last savegame. :)
  3. Thanks man, i'll check every issue listed. I'm aware that the "throwing back to main menu" is confusing but this is an Arma issue. It indeed looks like you have to replay the mission but you don't have to ! You get two options: 1) "Revert" 2) "Replay" Of course you have to choose "Replay" but you actually don't have to replay the mission. It loads your last SaveGame and that's what we want.
  4. Thanks for testing Flatbear. Mission 2: The Friend I think i found an issue with a trigger not working correctly. That may prevent you from getting the last waypoint to end the mission. (of course that never happened in all tests before)
  5. No worries about that, but good find. Nice and simple. I'll think about it, not so sure atm. On the other hand, it would be quite realistic and add more depth if the player needs to organize transport for wounded team mates.
  6. Thanks Undeceived, very good question. The player's health is set back to full. Just doesn't work otherwise. But not the team members, they keep their injuries and need healing. Good point, need to update the original post.
  7. Excellent, really appreciated, thanks man, enjoy ! :)
  8. Hey guys, six years after my first campaign for ArmA, i proudly present my campaign for ArmA 3: The Magnificent Eight II >> for beta-testers: if you encounter any game-breaking issues, just radio 0-0-1 to end mission Details: [sP][Campaign] Title: The Magnificent Eight II Author: gambla Version: 0.5 beta - 15.06.2015 Type: SP Campaign ArmA3 version: 1.46.131175 Addons req.: none DLCs req.: none Role: Team Leader / Sniper Difficulty: Advanced / Veteran (increasing) Map: Altis Overview: The scenario is what i love to play most: deep behind enemy lines, outnumbered and outgunned, surviving by escape & evasion and fighting by hit & run against an overwhelming enemy. You don't start with the best gear and weapons, everything is hard-earned. Inspired by books like Bravo-Two-Zero (SAS) and about the famous LRRPs ("Lurps") in Vietnam (today's USMC Force Recon). You are Steve Faulkner, Leutnant (ret.), Force Recon, USMC. You were working as a military adviser, then enjoying life after retirement. After the invasion, CSAT and AAF forces are now in control of most of Altis. You were caught off guard by their full-scale attack and since hiding in your house, waiting for a chance to escape..... Features: - 10 full classic missions - Variety of mission types: escape / protect / stealth / ambush / capture / liberate / terminate - Open world, free roaming: no fixed, linear way to achieve goals - Simple story, but more to play - Play as Lone Wolf or Team Leader - Team health status transferred to next mission* - Team / Storage weapons/gear status transferred to next mission (micro management) - Large enemy numbers and types for a good balance *Player health is reset every mission, but not for team mates. If a team member dies, the mission fails. Unfortunately, this is due to the problem that if you want to revert back in the campaign, the team member's status variable would remain on status "dead". My original plan was to use permanent death but there are just too many issues and my scripting skills are very limited. What it is: A classic low-tech resistance campaign, classic mission types, driven by a simple story. Less story and cinematics, but much more to fight. What it is not: A high-sophisticated campaign with many scripts, a complex story and superb cinematics. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cizrz1ipe4ntccy/SP-Camp-TM82.pbo?dl=0 How to install: Move pbo-file to folder: "yourdrive\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Arma3\Campaigns". If it doesn't exist, just create one. Known issues: - Mission2: Beach: Player "jumping" up in the air while disembarking boat - AI : not moving w/o weapon - AI : doesn't enter camp - AI : may be difficult to access storage boxes - AI : sometimes difficult to enter boats - Storage boxes show content "Ground" (issue with load-/save-status) Beta testers: tba Changelog: 21.06.2015 - version 0.55 - uploaded Intro Script errors: unknown, no solution found Added: fade out sound Mission 1 The Escape Added: more AI on guard End of mission: fade out black Mission 2 The Friend Script errors: unknown, no solution found Fixed: Diary: link "pyrgos gulf" not working Arma3 bug: Beach: Player "jumping" up in the air while disembarking boat Fixed: Mike's house: More time until Opfor arrives Fixed: Attackboat east: AI not moving to beach Fixed: Hideout: no progress, no final waypoint . . .
  9. gambla

    Arma 3 mid-game crash errors

    According to the first error message, i'd start and check the RAM. Use google how to do that, isn't too hard.
  10. hey, have you checked the task manager if the process is running ?
  11. gambla

    4K Monitor Vs. 1440p Vs. 1080p

    Hey, if you're sure that your gpu can power the resolution you're fine. I doubt you'll see players any better as the picture gets larger and more detailed. I've read of cheaters who did the opposite, they turned down graphic quality to see players better. (facepalm)
  12. Perfect, the module works like a charm ! Thank you so much guys !
  13. Thanks Davidoss i already tried the module "smoke" but it just did nothing. How do i get it started/executed ? Thanks Richie, will have a look into this.
  14. Hi, i'm having a hard time to find a simple script or something else to keep a heli wreck smoking. I'm not much into scripting, only some very basic things. Using google i found some things but mostly for A2 or it just wasn't working, maybe my fault. Please help. thanks guys !