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  1. I have an idea for an AI group, of say 4 men, BLUFOR. This squad is a kind of CIA or false flag squad, spreading propoganda etc. The effect I am looking for is that the AI group will change the relationship between OPFOR and the civilian population. I see three options to represent this. a) the squad kills change the relationship rating to a negative between the OPFOR and the Civilians, b) the presence of the squad in civilian areas (among crowds?) increases the chance for a civilian to turn renegade and thus effectively act in opposition to OPFOR. c) the unit (AI if possible) can have the ability "turn" captured civilians or enemy soldiers to renegades. I want the squad to be the only squad on BLUFOR to have this effect, I do not want the entire BLUFOR to have a relationship status change. Another option I am assuming it will involve addRating or HandleRating. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. bunnyman

    Paradop in combat?

    Sounds like the fighting units are blocking disembarkation some how
  3. I'm about to get an iMac 27" (I will be playing my Arma2 through the bootcamp windows compartment of the Mac). But having spoken with guys here and other places some reckon that the specs are not really that great. Can someone confirm this? (I have no idea about computers really). The iMac is expensive but since my household already has some Apple stuff, I can get the iMac on credit without having to pay extra every month (just paying it off longer), so I am more inclined to get this iMac than a supermachine PC that I build myself. I know that a Mac is overpriced compared to a PC but the payment options allows me to get a Mac right now. But am I going to be able to play a future Arma 3 on it? 27" 3.06HZ intel core2duo radeon HD 4670 256MB
  4. Shame, still I see what you are saying, no matter -this project is incredible and the quality of your team's work is about as high as it gets. Looking forward to seeing what you produce guys, and good luck!
  5. bunnyman

    British 3 Para

    Yepp Tigerhund, as I said, I agree. But there are missions that could allow for berets, such as during insurrections or ambushes. There are situations when UKF will find themselves under fire whilst wearing a beret. Besides you don't think the majority of coop games are exactly that- social patrols?! In that sense the fun value is important. There are a lot of clans right now that are using UKF add-ons with camos that do not suit the terrain (woodland DPMs in desert terrain and vice versa) but they so want to play using UK add-ons they ignore the hardcore realism and have fun. It is the same with wanting berets for paras and RM, lids which are such strong aspects of those corps' identities. If there was a choice available to clans of a purely genuine combat dress unit and patrol dress (beret) they would still use the beret a great deal.
  6. bunnyman

    British 3 Para

    Yep I agree totally, but both units do perform patrols with berets on quite regularly. I admit I am only interested in fluff cool factor of course rather than realism... but for the record, they are worn. Often go bareheaded too actually for some reason.
  7. Just out of interest, how long does it take a human being to make a map 24000km2?
  8. bunnyman

    Ghost Recon Maps

    GR missions were not that good tbh. I think it would be just yet another unrealistic mission in an unrealistic area of operation. Getting proper tired with a lack of realism tbh
  9. Looks incredible, much needed add-on too. Have you any plans to include Airborne and Naval Infantry units? Personally I think some naval infantry in ceremonial uniform would look good to place in missions where you need a harbour garrison to go along with Russian submarines etc
  10. bunnyman

    German Misc Pack released

    Are you planning to make an officer model as a short angry guy with a funny moustache?
  11. Update: Adding Schancky's new Paras http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=95340
  12. About time we had some combat divers? http://www.defenceimagedatabase.mod.uk/FotoWeb/FWbin/preview.dll/45137851.jpg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
  13. bunnyman

    British 3 Para

    I wasn't dissing him, this is fantastic. To answer your question, no but they do actually deploy and patrol with the berets on occasion, and during the Falklands at least they did actually operate with them too. Due to the colour RM tend to get away with wearing them more often, and historically it was very common for the RM to do so such as at the Suez in '56 and the Limbang raid in '62.
  14. bunnyman

    British 3 Para

    Nice one Schancks, this was REALLY needed. SHame there isn't a maroon beret version though, also the 16 Brigade badge/Pegasus should really be there http://www.geraldhowarth.org.uk/files/upld-news63thumbnail
  15. bunnyman

    Design a computer...

    I'm aware you need windows on the mac to run pc games, well aware of it, was never in question... but still I reckon Mac must have some value. RE: my original post Very few of you have ANYTHING positive to say about Macs at all