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  1. In playing aloft single player my ai are not very bright , its a wonder they all dont just run out in the open and yell shoot me im right here , but that would require thinking which they dont. The enemy is another story flanking and getting assistance immediately! fun and challenging for sure but my dilemma is the morters , i man them myself and can use them but the ai refuses to fire , am i missing something? All in all a great big thank you to the I44 team as the ww2 stuff is what i like and this has made this game fun to play once again for me , keep up the great work!
  2. Freakin Awesome , thank you mod makers! where can i find the "extended_eventhandlers" addon i get a warning about on startup? why do i get a warning which says "i am missing the @cba modfolder" when the "@cba folder" is there?
  3. Better id like to see a new config setting , " set ai stupidity 8" this way there is some entertainment but not as much as now! I would like to know how to get rid of twirling ai? you tell them danger go prone and the circle like a bird trying to find a place to land! as an answer to the thread topic , because all civilians wear contacts! wish the ai soldiers did , maybe they would go prone instead!
  4. bummer

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    install ARMA2 , ( may say patch 1.06 didnt install correctly , doesnt matter just do 1.08 ) install 1.08 patch , install OA , install patch 1.57, good to go worked perfect for me with no messed up files or warnings. hope this helps some.
  5. bummer

    All hope is lost! Or is it?

    they also really stink as pedestrians , conquer a town and get the supply trucks running then just listen ! 3 is down......5 is down , those ai supply trucks just aim for my poor squadmates! any fixes for this behaviour? ps thanks for the link to Copy My Stance Mod great!
  6. we know you do this because you love us and want us to be happy!:j:
  7. Has this mod been abandoned since the split in modders with the addition of HIP? is this mod still going the pacific route or is that no longer an option? what is the future prospects of FOW going forward?? sorry to be nosey but i gotta know!!
  8. bummer

    game freeze in oa

    interesting , thanks for the reply! I did some more digging and although i may never know the real reason for the crashes but it seems the zargabad map used in eye of the typhoon is just to graphic intense it just causes a lockup! I read some talk on this particular mission and it seems there were quite a few others who struggled one way or another on this mission. I turned down my graphics and looked away from the dust devils around the objective and managed to finish the mission. Im not sure but if i was to take a guess it seems the dust particles are very graphic intensive and could be the reason for some problems others endure! I am sure there is something going on in this map and maybe someone with better equiptment then me may be able to find the problem and get some kind of fix going. anyway off to the mods and mp if i can!!
  9. ive been running the campaign without a hiccup until eye of the typhoon. now when i get going at certain points the game just locks! cant continue! amd phenom quad 2.6 8 g ram nvidea 9400gt arma 2 + OA Version 1.57.76815 RPT file at time of the crash: Cannot load sound 'ca\dubbingradio_e\radio\male02tk\default\weapons\machinegun.ogg' File read error: addons\structures.pbo,17 File read recovery from error 17 has failed with error 17 Error 17 reading file 'addons\structures.pbo' ErrorMessage: Data error (cyclic redundancy check). anyone seen this issue or have a cure??
  10. dude , learn how to make your own mod and stop nitpicking these guys! your not paying them so they have no reason to answer to you! It seems all you want is for them to join the other ww2 modders but it aint gonna happen unless "they" want it to! be happy someone is doing this because its obvious you cant yourself! the FOW mod is a new venture trying to build on things the community would like to see like a little pacific action! put the stick away , stop beating the dead horse and be happy these guys are doing anything the way they keep getting called out for not doing enough! Im just a sideline guy watching all the mods but i really get annoyed by your demands , "THEY DONT OWE YOU A THING" its there mod let them build it the way they want! Thanks rip and all the modders working on this , must be tough not to get discouraged by such crybabies whining all the time, i dont know how you do it! carry on!
  11. Great news guys! dont let anyone bring you down or discourage you! Just build it as you want and they "will" come! Bring on the pacific!!
  12. awesome work for a nice sp mission. only suggestion i would make is after the boat ride in have a save point on the beach so you dont have to wait the 5 minutes to get to shore , not that long of course but after the 6th or 7th time it sure seems long!
  13. Originally Posted by colonel well Japanese soldiers? will there can be also as heads burned F4U my mistake i guess , hmmmm anyone gonna step up?
  14. when will we get a peek at the japanese infantry? I cant wait for some waves of banzai attacks at guadacanal in the dark , weeeeeeeeeee! Keep up the great work boys , it is highly appreciated from this player for sure!