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  1. Rapira

    Someone using my cd-key

    i cant foget place. i know chernarus like my 10 fingers
  2. Rapira

    Someone using my cd-key

    but im using that key 2 years
  3. Rapira

    Someone using my cd-key

    But i have not just different weapon. Im all time have different equipment and zombie kills. When ill play im never going to elektro or cherno. Im all time walk around NW airoport.
  4. Rapira

    Someone using my cd-key

    All time i have another positions and weapon. I know its 100% someone play with my ID number.
  5. Yestarday i will play dayz and stop game near Gorka with full pack and SVD in hands. Today ill try to play but in my hands CZ550 and im near elektro. Can administration contact with me please? Im using my cd key from relase arma2 and buy cd key when relased OA. I can give photo of my keys.
  6. Tonic-_- can you unban me please? because NY servers is working most stable each other. And im never get banned for hacking or cheating. Its mistaked ban.
  7. When im try to play on EU servers or RU i and my friend have desync. When im come to US NY servers ill got banned for hacking. Can administrators that servers unban me please? Because im dont have and dont use that. Or how i cant contact with administration that servers?
  8. Why Explosive Reactive armour didnt work on russians tanks T72-B and T-90?
  9. ok i understand. Arena and pasive defense impossible to be created in this mod
  10. I realized that American guys do not want to recognize the power of Russian tanks and make them like shit because they think that the king Abrams tanks. I've seen a few videos as Abrams burned after the 1st shot an RPG, but proud Americans do not want to admit that their tanks worse than the rest.
  11. Create real T 90 please. I want see balance in game
  12. I cant find source on english. But i see more on russian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1FTlHsmnmc&feature=player_embedded
  13. Russia use arena on T 90, and same with T 72B about pasive defence.
  14. You are far mistaken the T 90S has a protective complex arena, and containers for protection from projectiles. But in the ACE I wanted to see this Russian tank that can fight with M1A2 Tusk. Please make a real tank and not a trough which is to become not operational after the 1st hit. [iM]http://www.ljplus.ru/img/u/_/u_96/t1.jpg[/img]>100kb [iM]http://www.ljplus.ru/img/u/_/u_96/t2.jpg[/img]>100kb [iM]http://www.ljplus.ru/img/u/_/u_96/t2.jpg[/img]>100kb [iG]http://www.ljplus.ru/img/u/_/u_96/t2.jpg[/img]>100kb [iM]http://www.ljplus.ru/img/u/_/u_96/t3.jpg[/img]>100kb This is T-72B after 6 rpg rockets and 3 rockets from AT-4 Spigot. But in game T-72b blowing up after 1-2 rpg rocket