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  1. DarkEclip

    Hands position problem

    Ok thx for the info :)
  2. DarkEclip

    Hands position problem

    Wow very fast answer thank you :) I try without texture and work fine but now what i need to do if i need my texture back? ---------- Post added at 11:39 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:16 AM ---------- Done just open my fault .paa with texview and save it in .png and revert to .paa Thank you :)
  3. Hi maybe someone can help me with this, your help would be greatly appreciated http://i42.servimg.com/u/f42/14/62/53/38/arma2o10.jpg Thank You :)
  4. You're right sorry for my stupidity :)
  5. My server view distance set at 10k meters and my game set at 3500 meters and im unable to view more that 950 meters. Someone have this problem? Thank you. edit: Work well in editor
  6. nul0 = [D1,15,2,40,01] execVM "scripts\IEDdetect\IEDdetect_detector.sqf" in a trigger with alive D1 work well thank you :)
  7. DarkEclip

    Servers benchmark

    [22eR] Quebec: Intel® Xeon CPU 3.20GHz, 4 cores 75.00$can /m 4GB DDR3 Linux 2.6.18-194.32.1.el5PAE sur i686 With a2oa linux server v1.57.77737 @ACE2, @WARFX, @JSRS -cpucount=4 -exthreat=7 -maxmen=2048 FPS stuck at 6 FPS Max mem: 436MB Max Out: 152kbps I think we have a big problem :(
  8. I try this addEventHandler ["killed", {nul0 = [D1,15,2,40,01] execVM "scripts\IEDdetect\IEDdetect_detector.sqf"}]; AND this addEventHandler ["killed", {nul0 = [this,15,2,40,01] execVM "scripts\IEDdetect\IEDdetect_detector.sqf"}]; but not work ;( I'm desperate
  9. I try to put this addEventHandler ["killed", {nul0 = [this,15,2,40,01] execVM "scripts\IEDdetect.sqf"}]; in my unit init but not seem to work so if someone can help me that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)
  10. Wow wonderfull thing but not seem to work with multiple units detector. And someone can tell me how reactivate this script when i dies? Thank you
  11. DarkEclip

    DLC - Canadian Forces

    Anyway im addicted. I will buy all future dlc and stuff from BI, but if BIS can make me a Special canadian package that would be great.
  12. DarkEclip

    DLC - Canadian Forces

    Yea i use it since OFP, but he have a lot of work to do before the mod reach a DLC quality. And the ONS team and BIS can work together or BIS can just make the CH-146 Griffon that's would be very fantastic :) In fact i love all stuff from ONS, just the Griffon cause me some headhache. ONS need texture artist so if someone can help please contact them :)
  13. DarkEclip

    DLC - Canadian Forces

    I pay 100$ for a canadian DLC LOL :)
  14. I want my LAVIII now LOL Nice job guys :)