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  1. Kind time of days friends. I wish to share sad experience. Today there was such incident: I come into game on an official server. I play. All is normal. I leave in for a minute. I come back - game has hung. I press alt+tab, in the panel of problems it is empty, I press 3 hot - it is empty. A pancake! I come again. I choose a server, I incorporate - escapes in the list of servers. Three times I try, the same. On the fourth, interestingly! At a connection writes CD key in use. With English at me everything is all right. Has not understood. Who has dared my key to use? Nerves are got. I try still. CD a key is used. Here in general has grown furious. On third connection You CD bannet! Only then I start to listen to ear-phones. A pancake! A game sound in them. But how? And here so happens! Game was curtailed and in the course of it has not had time to notice! Do not repeat my error. Tomorrow I will follow new ARMA2!