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  1. Are you changing the markers settings from default? What are the objects you are trying to add? The more explicit information you give, the better the chances of someone being able to help you.
  2. With the newer version of Domination, search for GVAR(helilift1_types) in the i_client.sqf , then look for your side-in your case #ifdef __OWN_SIDE_WEST__ , then case (__ACEVer) because your using ACE . There you will see some classnames of the default vehicles. Just add the correct vehicle classname and you should be all set. Some classnames can be found here (just incase you need them) : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?73241-ArmA-II-amp-OA-Classnames-No-questions-no-discussion-here!
  3. Try looking here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?72181-Will-my-PC-Run-this-What-CPU-GPU-to-get-What-settings-System-Specifications
  4. You unpacked your domination.pbo, now find the i_client.sqf . Search for this line, d_helilift1_types **Edited** Do you have TeamSpeak?
  5. With the vehicles that can be wrecklifted, I think it works off of what your bonus vehicles are set as. So you have to add that particular vehicle in as a bonus, I think.
  6. Inside the i_client.sqf search for d_helilift1_types , then #ifdef __OWN_SIDE_WEST__ if (__ACEVer) then { here you will find the classnames that you can lift. If you want to add something, simply add the classname of that vehicle.
  7. For the "lift chopper", we have always just put in the classnames that we want to be able to lift. This should work the same way for the wreck chopper as well.
  8. It doesn't make sense that they can sign in and you cannot. Try logging in this way: #login yourpass
  9. Are you sure you are typing the password correctly?
  10. Clowns2

    You were kicked off the server

    As mentioned in numerous other posts, you need to contact BattlEye Support about BattlEye issues: http://battleye.com/support.html
  11. Clowns2

    Need help with Arma 2...

    you might want to delete one of your posts.... §9) Do not cross-post Do not post duplicate threads in more than one forum simply to get an answer quicker or to draw more attention to your post.
  12. Clowns2

    RCON chat via PHP

    Wow, thanks ;)