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  1. I've made the experience that the scout drone ist useful if you want to destroy the command center with your carrier-shell and the center is not visible from seaside. So the scout drone flyes to a good spotting-point (top of a hill) and guides the shell-shots from the carrier. This is sometimes very good if the enemy command center is good-protected (deadly island) and/or covered by mountains. Naturally it depends on the situation and is no "general-strategy".
  2. Ok - thats logical. But is that also "fun"? Does it not take to long / being too slow in the beginning? I have not tested it yet - but I imagine that could be more interesting / smarter to have some more startup-ressources and/or higher island-output-rate. And especially the "captured islands count": if this is really low, it takes really long till the game gets a "flow"... and the game at all takes very, very long then. Isn't it so? What do you think? And your, Species1571 / and somebody else - what's your opinion? --- Who would be in? If we got three at least then lets start a challenge! Would be nice!
  3. *sigh* Yes... know, what you mean. There is so much potencial in the game but with that lame enemy-carrier everything looses sense. So my hope was with that highscore-list to give it a new challenge till the new patch arrives (or mayby longer). So what's your recommendation for a interesting highscore-game-setup? I think enemy-strength at maximum. But the other values? Maybe it's a cool rule not to destroy the enemy carrier at all and finish the game only by taking all islands. What do you think?
  4. Thanx for your reply! I wantet to make it easy enough also for beginners to jump in. But it's a good idea to start a second highscore. What are your complete prefered settings? Yes - lets start a second list! And you're right: the best would be if a point-score system would be included. But for now we help us self. By the way: The fastest victory is the best because 1) Time is all about - its easy to kill the enemy carrier, wait for enough ressources and then get the rest of islands. To go fast means not to go "simple" by using only hammerheads for example (which is not possible on shielded islands). Because hacking is much faster - sometimes. The time-factor is exact what the game is based on: strategy. As you wrote: Methodical approach plus tactics plus overall-strategy - thats the mixture to win the game fast. Fast not in a way of "quick and dirty" - fast in the way of "good plan - good strategy - paysof at least". 2) I've no Idea what else we could measure ;-) Do you have installed the Carrier-AI Mod? On which Enemy-Strength-Setting are you playing?
  5. A small sign of life please: is anybody in?
  6. Who's the best Carrier-Commander? Lets find out - here's the Challenge! In Carrier-Command it's all about time. Just waiting and gathering ressources... this is easy. But to go forward and risk something... managing time and ressources in a optimal way - that's what a real commander is capable of. So the faster - the better. Show now your strength, your intelligence and your power: Capture all islands and destroy the enemy carrier as fast as possible. Then post your result and a screenshot of your Map. Lets see whats your position in the "Carrier-Command-Hiscore". Game-Conditions: Start a new Strategy Game with this settings: Captured islands count: -1 Enemy strength: +1 Startup ressources: -1 Island output rate: -1 Enemy carrier destroyed: required All islands captured: required Optional but strongly recommendet: Install the "Carrier-AI" Mod by ElectroCarrier using Thygrrr's CarrierTools. After winning the game post a screenshot*, showing your map an used time. Post also which system-plattform you are using (PC / XBOX), your Patch-Version and if you use the Carrier-AI Mod. * Capturing the screenshot: This ist a little bit tricky because if you take the last island the "congratulations-screen" appears and you have no more time for taking the screenshot. So save your game a few moments before you capture the last island (say: when the rebuilding or hacking of the command-center is in progress) and take then the screenshot of your map. Finish your game to see that your walrus ist destroyed, while hacking... ;-) This all is a question of honor - so do not cheat or use tricks (faking screenshots or using different starting-conditions). And thats' also the prize: Honor. No money, no benefit - just honor. And a really good challenge in this real good game! Carrier-Command Highscore-Table [table=width: 600, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td]Pos[/td] [td]Name[/td] [td]Time*[/td] [td]Patch[/td] [td]Carrier AI Mod[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]1[/td] [td]anton_korduan[/td] [td]8 Days, 02:56 Hours[/td] [td]1.2 / PC[/td] [td]Yes[/td] [/tr] [/table] * The time is "game days and hours" - not real time. Just select the map (Key "M") and read the game time in the upper-right corner. And now... go for it! ---------- Post added at 09:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:35 AM ---------- So of course I'm gonna make the beginning - here's my time: My time is 8 Days, 02:56 Hours. And the screenshot - small: ...and with full resolution: http://www.korduan.de/ccgm/screen004.jpg (450 kB)
  7. anton-korduan

    Weapon range table

    New range tested: a Torpedo reaches about 850m. (Table is updated) By the way: The impact of a Torpedo causes ca. 50% Damage on every System of the Carrier; the impact-zone seems to suffer up to 75%. So two Torpedoes are enough to sink a Carrier (but tested on the own, not the enemy Carrier).
  8. Sometime it's necessary and useful to take down a Command-Center instead of hacking it. For example to cut the enemys supply-line it's a really fast way just to destroy the Command-Center, leave and continue your masterplan. Especially on Islands with deadly defense-state it is good to know / to plan, how to do this. Therefore I wanted to know, how many shots it takes to destroy a Command-Center. Here we go: Shots to take down Command-Center [table=width: 300, class: grid, align: left] [tr] [td]Weapon[/td] [td]Shots[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Tomahawk[/td] [td]2[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Howitzer[/td] [td]2[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]H.E.A.T.[/td] [td]4[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Carrier Shell[/td] [td]5[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]Missiles[/td] [td]8[/td] [/tr] [/table] These values are manually tested (Patch 1.2), I got them not from the developers or by reading some script or so. Rockets should be the same as Missiles, having equal damage (I think - not tested). Note: After several attempts I managed to hit the Command-Center directly with a bomb... beeing disappionted, because it's hard to manage it and the Command-Centre was not destroyed. Maybe also interesting for you: • Fuel comparison table • Vehicle speed table • Weapon range table Greetings from the control tower, Anton
  9. Think this should be moved to section "Official Missions". Answer - yes, there are two endings. It exist an extra thread about that (in section "Official Missions" of course). :-)
  10. anton-korduan

    Challenging Game? Where?

    Great! This gives me much more hope... now it's on BI to release Patch 1.3 (or so). If it will last too long for me I come back to your solution, changing the script. But I dont' really like to have this additional efford... (Don't know how complex this is and what software I need - have to check this and read about. Not fun.)
  11. anton-korduan

    Sense of scanner?

    Ah! Yes - I think you speak about Walrus. Correct and good idea: If the scanner would be on the unused second slot, that would be great!
  12. anton-korduan

    Sense of Plasma gun

    Yes, and additionally I archived that Plasma has 80m more range than gatling for example. See here: Weapon range table
  13. Hey there! What't about that scanner - do you use it? When / for what reason? I've tried it and yes, it's nice to see the stats of the enemy unit. What armor and weapon has it, which damage status. But it is "just nice". Not more. Could that be? The only reason to use it - which I see at the moment - is, to check if the unit is a potential danger for me or not. Will say, "can this turrent / walrus hit my manta or not" for example. If it's equipped with a genade launcher I don't have to worry much about. BUT: Is that information worth loosing a slot which I could use much better for ammo, flares or hook? Instead of seeing / understanding and reacting on the information the scanner provides I can simply destoy the enemy unit. Footstep. Additional I get some base-information by the map (symbol for Turrent-Type and Vehicle Armor) and by island-state (weak / normal / strong ...). So I know everything I need to decide whether to approach to or attack the unit(s) or not. I know simply by experience the difference between a "weak" and "strong" AA-Turrent... I wonder if there is not more behind... which I expect, because "information" should be something worthfull for strategy(-games). What's your opinion to the scanner? Maybe I've overseen something? Or there is a difference between using scanner on Manta or Walrus? Tell me! I'm looking forward to.
  14. anton-korduan

    Challenging Game? Where?

    This sounds great. I startet with Beta3 - so never had this experience. Hope also that the comming patch arrives soon AND includes this "enemy carrier strength theme". You got the right words. It's weird: I am about to finish the campaign but I see me hesitating, not to finish it too early. Because: I feel a fear to start the long awaitet strategy game ... just not to get really deeply disappointed. If I make the same experience, that the enemy carrier is still so weak and un-intelligent, then the callenge could be gone... maybe forever. I dont' want to take care of the "big bad" enemy. I did it graciously in Beta phasis - ok. But now it's "real", its official and I play such a strategy game because I want exactly that: a challenge. If this is lost... everything is lost. So very thanx for the additional supporting here whith your professional background, maxim.
  15. anton-korduan

    Weapon range table

    Yes - i've linked it below the fuel-comparison table. Think it's better that way, avoiding redundant double-postings. Having these tables in separate threads makes them (maybe) also easier to see / find. ---------- Post added at 08:48 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:43 AM ---------- Yes! It was astounding for me too. Now lot of weapons get more sense and importance - plasma, missiles and all above tomahawk. Just think about a island (maybe deadly) with scamblers or shield generators - with enough material you are able to disable these installations much faster with one aimed direct hit, from far away. Especially on islands, you want to re-capture this is very useful because you know the positions of this vulnerable points. This saves much time. But it's theory, have it not tested yet.