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    RealTimeEditor 5

    It seems that the latest version of RTE cannot be used in conjunction with the updated @JayArma2Lib. The update was necessary due to some internal changes with the most recent beta version of ArmA2. The problem now: exporting does not work, because a connection between RTE and RTECapture cannot be established. Is it possible at all that you could update the package once more to make the feature available again? This would be very much appreciated! Danke im Voraus, Steffen
  2. Just wanted to let you know that there is an error in the way you signed your addon. You should resign them using the intended tool by BIStudio. Great work other than this "minor glitch"! If you try and connect to a server with keyfiles enabled, even though having placed the klu.bisign in the keys-folder, you will be kicked because of DSA-check failure for klu_missilebox_ace_enhancement.pbo.
  3. eViLsTieFel

    Error update BAF 1.01

    To answer your question: yes, that seems to fix the problem.
  4. Yes, it is even compatible with Beta 35 as released today. The downloads are as follows: Installer ZIP-File Note that both of these packages include outdated versions of JayArma2Lib, which you will have to update yourself.
  5. Fantastic news! Can't wait to try out the new version! Thanks for all your hard work (that goes for all the ACRE devs of course)!
  6. Let me answer this: I think that was a statement regarding what issues people have with ACRE 1.0.10. The answer was' date=' there were no issues for the UO community except when you handle the plugin in a wrong way, thus introducing user-made problems. Examples are: [list'] [*]not running TS as administrator [*]having voice activation enabled and NOT Push-To-Talk on 32 bit versions of TS [*]forgetting about the dsound.dll
  7. As I understand it ACRE is not a substitute for whisperlists. It should represent and implement a way to handle radio communications in a realistic way. Of course, you can always setup an object/vehicle as a retransmission station that would link different channels together, as per the API instructions. This would have to be done on every mission though and I don't really see the point. Maybe it would be worth your while to rather think about a proper setup for your platoon's communication system.
  8. Both of these issues are by design and not an error. In the ACE mod, determining the distance is done using either the rangefinder or the laser designator. The command cross and binoculars will not show the distance. Notice how also, by default, the crosshair is disabled when you use the mod. The zeroing in has also been replaced — rifles that offer scopes with that ability can be zeroed-in using SHIFT+V by default. Consult the ACE documentation for more information on these and other issues.
  9. Just to clarify: do you recommend using 1.0.10 over 1.0.11? Because the latter is being distributed over the Six Network, and I've been experiencing glitches with the 1.0.11 I am not sure where there before (problems with players being totally mute even though they are standing right behind you, while others can hear them fine — even radio transmissions won't be heard *client specific*).
  10. I hope they won't end soon. There still is work to be done. But they might want to keep the plugin API unchanged for a while ;). Anyway, working great on my side, just have the occasional locally muted client. For anyone who is still wondering, you can grab (Hotfix'd version) from the official dev-heaven space.
  11. eViLsTieFel

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    Alternative download source can be found here (e_missions.zip).
  12. eViLsTieFel

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    And the Sprocket version, too, is not without flaws, seeing as I get those error-messages on patching that the DVD-version does not throw at you.
  13. eViLsTieFel

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    Reinstalling DOES NOT resolve this patching issues. If you want to backup your profile though (because you will have to reinstall anyway to properly apply the patch), just backup the ArmA 2 and ArmA 2 Other Profiles folder in your Documents-Folder. On my machine, these folders did not get deleted upon deinstalling anyway.
  14. eViLsTieFel

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    Did any solution pop up for the Sprocket-Version of the game? I cannot install without errors and cannot connect to 1.54 servers, because of unsigned addons (namely the missions.pbo).