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  1. I think you should reconsider adding a chance of exploding on impact. While it would be much more authentic, it could ruin game play for some players. Imagine a drop with your squad, dying on impact due to random chance, and possibly having to sit out the entire mission (not very fun) or respawn/rejoin server (not very realistic.) Certain realism features need to be looked at carefully when applied to games. Take para-jumping for instance. In real life there is always a chance you could be severely injured when landing, either by a mistake that you made, an environmental factor, or a combination of the two. However landing with a parachute in Arma is always safe, no matter where or how you land minus certain situations...this is Arma after all.
  2. He clearly states in the fourth line of text in his description that it does not have a C-RAM script.
  3. Not my cup of tea, but it seems you have some fans and I'm all for it. But you should really change the title, as it could be seen as a violation of forum rules. §21) Use descriptive thread titles If you start a new thread, please make sure your thread title explains what you want without forcing people to read through your post first.
  4. You can't have a teaser for a "hyper realism sound mod" and not show off the sounds. Your current marketing strategy is not very well thought out, and as such, you are getting negative publicity here and on youtube. It's time to reevaluate.
  5. Hello Alex, Earlier I reported that I could not get my C-RAM to engage mortar rounds. After some quick trouble shooting I have determined that is due to the fact that I had the Armor Improvement System mod running as well. I disabled that and your mod ran perfectly. Could it be because your mod uses the same userconfig as AIS?
  6. I may be missing something here...but how do I get it to counter artillery? I placed them in the editor and waited a bit to make sure they initiated...and nothing. The CRAM2 with missiles did engage air targets though.
  7. lo0se

    Terminator Rising (WIP)

    IceBreakr is simply pointing out that "Terminator" is a copyrighted franchise. So if you enter it into the Make Arma Not War contest you are attempting to make a profit from this franchise that you have no rights to. Attempting to do this is considered illegal and you will receive a Cease and Desist order from the rights owner. If you continue work after receiving the C&D it is highly likely that you will be sued.
  8. Disappointed to hear this. I would really urge you to consider having a user config to control which type of vehicle/which faction has APS. I have made several mission for myself & friends to has taken advantage of the previous ability to strengthen and weaken friendly/hostile vehicles since you implemented it into the user config.
  9. Looks awesome Bakerman! AIS is a mod that I have deemed necessary when playing Arma 3.
  10. Hello Tete, In the known issues it states that the carrier does not move. If I recall from the Arma 2 release this is due to the fact that the carrier is multiple objects attached together via scripts. My question to you is, with Arma 3 would it be possible to make it move? Or are the same limitations still present with the updated engine? Would also like to congratulate you on a updated release, I have not have a chance to play with the most recent update, but I checked out the last one and am very impressed. Keep up the good work!
  11. Hover over the icon with your mouse cursor and press the delete button on your keyboard....
  12. Hello shay. When spawning groups/units could you add an option of manned rotary & fixed-winged aircraft to spawn as flying and be able to set the height? I wanted to spawn a jet for CAP but could only spawn them on the ground.
  13. Hey Bakerman, I like the turn AIS on all vehicles option in the userconfig, but could you please add an option so I can choose to activate AIS only on NATO or CSAT armored vehicles?
  14. I like it, not too overpowered, but boosts a vehicles survivability in combat. Will this mod automatically apply to all ground vehicles, across all factions, or will it be modular and you can adjust which vehicles/factions have this system via the user config?