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  1. If said bug was listed on Launch page (INSTEAD WE GET PATCH UPDATES THAT DON'T FIX ON-GOING BUG) think of the no spam posts from the beginning :nono: Leaving this for people to find out in game is pretty bad... imo The hours lost to me trying to fix this mess and then to find out it is an on-going issue. Thanks for your concern for the forums though FACE PALM !
  2. This is a must do to save so many of us who use Win 8 and do not know about this bug. The hours of needlessly trying to figure out what has happened to the controller. Please post as perma news untill fixed.
  3. The script v 0.7 I've added to Domi 2.54 dedi server works great for a time...then gets stuck before spawning to map click area - camera stays on the ground ? I have to restart the server as a fix. Any ideas for a fix ? Thanks for AC -130 :D
  4. Thank you BIS, I'm seeing much improvements in game play - those were some serious tweaks :D A huge thank you from us ArmA 2 players ! Dwarden the readme being updated would be nice.
  5. Subliminal commercial Well thought out mind you.
  6. luap

    A2WarMod Release

    Happy belated birthday Günter Severloh
  7. Ian560, You took the time to sign up on the forums to ask about language in a game you already previewed. You have internet access ? You play PC Games ? On-line games ? You had to ask hows the language - sounds like you have other motives ? Seems you would have checked the rating for the game before posting to the forums. Just strange. Wow
  8. Hi pacnow, I would suggest Yoma's Addon Sync it has great features such as what your looking for and more :D Addon Sync
  9. luap

    A2WarMod Release

    Hi again, Glad you are going to take a look at this mod for the new update. As far as your testing goes we know how thorough you are :p I forgot to add the link to ver 0.5 which I think you need for ArmA 2 all other higher versions will be for Combined Operations. All for now.
  10. luap

    A2WarMod Release

    Hi Günter Severloh, Glad to hear about 1.3. "If any of you guys want me to add something to A2WarMod that is specifically Arma2 then please post here and let me know ASAP". How about AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.4) :bounce3: That is the only place I have found to have ver 0.5 for ArmA 2 stand alone his last one supporting ArmA 2. He states that he is no longer supporting ArmA2 stand alone any longer maybe he will give permission for you to use it (here's hoping) and maybe for your next COWarMod as well. A few problems maybe you guys can work out is in multiplayer the script breaks on respawn or needs to be scripted to respawn to player(s)? you can read up on his script in his readme on that site and here's to hoping.
  11. DUDE :D I have inserted your script and addon mod into XENO's Domi 2 2.11 and really enjoying this in ArmA 2 stand alone ver. Flir :rolleyes: still damn fun !! Took me some time to find the stand alone version for ArmA 2 I hope you keep it in a link for us poor boys. Link to ver 0.5 - Operation Arrowhead and Combined Operations supported since v.0.6 (ARMA2 standalone is no longer supported) :butbut: Thanks LurchiDerLurch and crew job well done.
  12. Hi Soner, Thanks for the Gui RCon tool. What planes do you have in the future for this tool ? As someone else has mentioned adding a admin chat feature would be terrific if possible.
  13. Maybe the Developers page will help.
  14. luap

    How To Add/Use Custom VOIP Sounds

    Hi, This should help. Custom Sounds.
  15. luap

    SLX Mod WIP

    Who needs it :) Not only do they re-arm: This is #1 must have mods IMHO.
  16. luap

    SLX Mod WIP

    It hurts to play without it :D Solus, thanks for this mod and your dedication to the community.
  17. Point taken :eek: I understand the deep devotion people put into work they have created (or modded from the original developer) and applaud them for it. If so deeply involved into what you are doing with this game then the likely action to take is submitting a resume to BIS. Unless you are already an employee then scratch that.
  18. Well said DMarkwick. You see this time and time again to the point of GIVE IT A BREAK ALREADY ! Create to create and not to use it to be a drama queen. Bis allowed the software to be open to the community for the community to improve what you like and if you like- share it. No room for EGO's ! Post it to the forum and let your work of art shine through its repeatability, that should be ego boost enough. A fix for ya !: Make and sell your game and give it your own name.
  19. LOL, That would end the strangle hold that windows has on me. # 1-Christmas wish list before I die ! I wonder who will dare to take that moon shot that changes gaming for linux ?
  20. luap

    A2WarMod Release

    Günter Severloh, Wow, thanks for all the hard work you put into testing and putting this compilation together. I downloaded both of your compilations and its working great. So I have ACE2 still stand alone in my ArmA2 folder so as to use profiles in AlpineStars ArmA2 Launcher (love choices). Tested on Multi-player and on my local machine without any problems other then the ones you listed. Fantastic write up, REALLY ! All the information at your fingers tips - you really took the time and trouble for us :D That's a cool web site for your compilation - The youtube movies were a plus :p I have not tested with other mods as of yet but will test ASAP ! This community for ArmA is terrific.
  21. luap

    WarFX Particles

    The beginning of the youtube video says Multiple Effects Package For ArmA II And Operation Arrowhead.
  22. Yes I to thought that might be the problem... Tested that.... Did you ? Do all of your mods show up in the Start Tab (Mods view) have you checked to see if they are all there? Because I didn't notice that they were not there until I had to use a mod.
  23. Sure does like all my other addons : C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\@warfx particles beta 1.14\Addons Hope this helps, have you come across this or reproduced this on your system ?
  24. Hi CptArmA2, Thanks for a cool and simplistic program ;) I noticed that some mods were not being listed in the view pane so I checked it out. Mods were in the Arma 2 directory and as a mod folder "@mod", tried the reset button and no change at detecting them. Found that I had to add the mod manually and untick the button to check mods on start up. If left ticked it would just show the directory "bla, bla, bla, ArmA2 in the view pane. Just thought I would pass this along. Check this for yourself maybe it's just me. This was on an Xp Pro using ver. 3.1.1. did not check Vista yet. Check the beta and same problem.
  25. I am willing to offer any help as for troubleshooting or beta testing if needed. My skills as a script designer are non existing.