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  1. cl0ud

    More realistic/depressing feeling

    COMPLETELY agree. Original poster needs to get TrackIR and play with a sound mod like ACEX2_SM or JSRS, if they currently aren't immersed enough, so that bullet snaps and nearby impacts make you jump out of your chair. Taking 7.62mm from two directions while behind a tree is all I need to immerse my imagination. Vegetation and dust in ArmA II is already a visual obstacle during firefights, especially while prone, unless your graphics settings are on the lowest of the low you shouldn't need fake sprites to 'suppress' you. I don't need silly gimmicks like blood on my screen or dirt in my way: bullets are already in my way. -icecl0ud
  2. Amazing units, they look pro! Gourmet job.
  3. Is there any obvious reason why a resumed save (on Sbrodj) would result in the M109A6's timed fuses not working on any round types?
  4. cl0ud

    AH6 Little Bird HUD

    I think that's just how the tracers appear when ACE2 is installed. They look that way to me on ACE2 1.9.
  5. I tried using Warfare in SP back when OA came out and came across these exact issues. I assumed it was just never designed for SP or saving. -cl0ud
  6. cl0ud

    Does the A.I. have unlimited ammo?

    Try out ASR AI Rearming, works great. They'll even pick up AT if you show up in a tank and start thinning them out and AA if you show up in an ATKH to ruin their day.
  7. cl0ud

    Any Fixes for Frozen ai units?

    This thread describes the issue I've been having very well and the above post describes it almost exactly. I first noticed this issue with a squad on Podagorsk, moving toward a town. Reloading the mission, the same thing happens at roughly the same place. In retrospect, it is the same area that I change the squad from Aware to Stealth. Is there something I can try scripting-wise to reset the squad? -cl0ud
  8. cl0ud

    Medevac Module

    Medical Evacuation -> Med-Evac -> Medevac :) -cl0ud
  9. Perhaps I should clarify again that the ambient sounds are only acting up on maps OTHER than the Lowlands while the UnSung mod is active. Quesh-kibrul and Japahto for sure, and I'll check others tonight. When the mod is deactivated, things return to normal on Quesh-Kibrul and Japahto. Seems like something is being overridden by the mod with the default ocean-waves ambient sound if I had to take a wild guess. For example, at a spot where you would normally hear faint waves, you hear full blown jungle ambience instead on Quesh-Kibrul's beaches. I work around it by just deactivating the Unsung mod when not using it, so it isn't a showstopper at all.
  10. Sweet, thanks. Great map by the way, I said 'wow' out loud when it first loaded in the editor after dropping a player unit. Haven't yet seen this kind of density with almost no drop in performance, well done.
  11. Yes, really. You can roll your eyes all you want but I'm talking about the ambient sounds overriding ocean sounds and disregarding the Music slider in the options...the authors asked the community to report all bugs to help them in being squashed so that's what I'm doing. If you aren't experiencing this issue, be thankful about it and enjoy the mod, but don't be dismissive just because you don't know what I'm talking about.
  12. For some reason when this mod is active it causes any other map's water ambient sounds to be the jungle sounds. Approaching any coastline also causes the jungle ambience to get very loud.
  13. cl0ud

    RH Mk18 1.0 pack

    Love these Mk18s! Was wondering how to turn on or alternate between the flashlights and the TPIAL. In the U.S. Army Special Weapons box there's a SCAR with a SureFire foregrip light and it looks amazing and I was hoping the RH MK18s had the same feature due to having lights as well but I can't figure out how to activate them or if it's even possible to have two lights on an OA weapon. Either way thanks a ton, RobertHammer for all your work! -cl0ud
  14. Ah, indeed indeed. Thank you very much for your reply!
  15. Does anybody know what this vehicle is called and where I can find it? http://j.imagehost.org/view/0088/a2