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    Gaz-2330 "Tigr"

    Alpha version of Gaz-2330 "Tigr" for Operation Flashpoint http://arma-cwa.ru/?dl_name=Addons/Auto/Gazt_Tigr.zip
  2. guziczek101

    Kamov Ka-60 Kasatka

    Surfing on the internet and suddenly I came across a real treasure a Kamov Ka-60 Kasatka http://russianmodteam.ucoz.com/load/0-0-0-105-20 below is a link to a page (for Russian speaking we live in a time when language is not a barrier :cool: ) http://russianmodteam.ucoz.com
  3. guziczek101

    OFP Addon request thread

    KTO Rosomak is in Silent War mod i had it on my hdd but i'm not part of modding team anymore so i deleted it. You can try to write to Gemenis he's still on forum ;)
  4. guziczek101

    WWII MP Released!

    @Macser If my member is correct (diving) it was incorporated in WW2 mod and if i can recall correctly you can disable this feature in SLX options :)
  5. guziczek101

    OFP Addon request thread

    ask @krzychuzokecia or @Rożek cause they are working on SW mod and maybe they will share their files with you i had some models from SW (W3, Rosomak, Honker/Skorpion and some other files, but as i'm not a part of team from some time i delete them from my disks )
  6. guziczek101

    AI Taking RPG from dead teammates

    Try SLX mod or GroupLink script 2 if my member is correct they took this script from one of those
  7. So i ve found a little addon to blender which can interest some people. This addon synchronize Blender with GIMP/Photoshop and is amazing cause it make things a lot faster. Blender - External Paint Autorefresh
  8. guziczek101

    Blender - External Paint Autorefresh Addon

    yes i ve spent some time with that addon and it's easy to use (the only thing is that u have to make shortcut in photoshop to export updated texture) it is very handy to use, cause you dont have to make new texture nad upload it into blender to check it, this addon will do it for you. They made a video how it's working in GIMP and blender (im using Photoshop), Sorry for my english :)
  9. There are some in DMA Libya map and if my member is correct in mapfact nogova 2
  10. guziczek101

    OFP Addon request thread

    Strange ive downloaded IMUC and for me its working maybe try to download again
  11. guziczek101

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    That's true when i start making something in blender i was terrified possibilities of this program but there is so much tutorials on youtube, that even i can do something in Blender
  12. guziczek101

    Custom Reveal Distance

    maybe try with "setCaptive" parameter if distance beetwen Player and AI will be greater than 50 m then script will be changing this parameter to True if lower than set to false. I don't have betteqer idea to solve your problem maybe remove all magazines with distance condition.
  13. guziczek101

    Pacific war Mod

    Wow nice mod what's the song name?
  14. guziczek101

    OFP Addon request thread

    Yes he realesed it, but it was illegal use of orcs weapon pack and it was deleted by Bis :)
  15. guziczek101

    JdB Addon Releases

    http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_Beaverette ??
  16. guziczek101

    JdB Addon Releases

    Hanomag ? :)
  17. guziczek101


    WW4_REVEMachinegun" createunit [ [4522.658691,17.272085,9425.594727], group Grp, "[This] Exec ""Spawn\Meaux\MGInit.sqs"",1]" You have written " in bad place
  18. guziczek101

    Export from Blender to RTM via BVH

    Sorry for late reply :-) nice tutorial and i think blender will make easier life. Thanks
  19. guziczek101

    OFP Addon request thread

    I'm looking for unfinished 30N6 made by Project MCAR name of thispack was MCAR_GRUMBLE.zip
  20. guziczek101

    Need Help - Non-Closed Topology?

    Create cylinder and decrease one of surface with combination ctrl+shift and you will have a nice trash can
  21. guziczek101

    OFP Addon request thread

    I think they are from Lobo pack but im not sure or they are from Dma
  22. Well u are true archeologist :bounce3: "_x setcaptive TRUE" foreach list
  23. guziczek101

    Floating Aimzone Problem

    Well u must download Binview or eliteness to open config.bin but when u change this file
  24. guziczek101

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    I don't think so there is something similar to A2 but try HDS islands (but they are rather small) and ofp is not tolerate a HD texture look at Marcomio Afghanistan it laggy :)