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  1. Could some one make some new faces where the black guy doesn't look exactly the same as the all the other black guys? ---------- Post added at 12:26 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:22 AM ---------- Cheers for the links but after a while of having a go I've gotten no where haha.
  2. Right well I'm glad you think its possible, but what's a proxy and how do you rotate it? haha :P
  3. This is only an aesthetic thing but is there a way to make units have rocket launchers etc. diagonally across their back?
  4. Awesome, looking forward to it :).
  5. Hey Rock, I was wondering if you could include a optional config in your next updates so that the pilots are the BAF versions?
  6. I'd say it will probably have the level of detail the typhoon has and the typhoon is the most detailed vehicle I think I've seen on arma 2.
  7. DRoberts69

    RAF Harrier

    Awesome I was wondering the same thing haha, cheers. You may Consider talking to RKSL rock to see if he'll let you use his British air weapons pack.
  8. Sweeeeet! Haha no worries mate looking forward to all them. :)
  9. I was just wondering with the strategic defence review and the harriers being scrapped, are they still on your list or have you dropped them too? Cheers.
  10. You haven't scrapped the harriers as well have you? :( lol what a tragic mistake that was in the defence review but if you have I'm looking forward to your other stuff and good luck with RL issues.
  11. DRoberts69

    British 3 Rifle Infantry MTP

    I think Royal Marines would be quite cool. But on the MTP on BAF, did the MOD change the pattern half way through buying it because if you search British MTP on google there are two pictures of the print that look very much like the BAF one but the MTP that all the soldiers are wearing looks different to it. But I was wondering since your doing smaller projects if you'd be interested in maybe putting the BAF camo's on your osprey assault vest and put it on the BAF soldiers to update them a bit.
  12. Yeah its strange because I'm pretty sure its the right one and all the csm2 sound files are in the same folder and im getting the super sonic crack, BAF weapons and m4/m16 sounds just not the SCARS which is odd...
  13. hmm yeah its definately active because its in with the rest of the csm2 sounds and im getting all the others accept the SCARS.
  14. If you meant me, because I don't know the first thing about modding, coding, scripting, modelling. I don't have any of the programs and I'd probably make a complete hash out of it. But its only a suggestion, if you don't like the idea then don't worry.