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    [SP/COOP] West To East: Dynamic Battles

    Any chance of getting an option (or action) to disable the ambient battle sounds ?
  2. dondaddah

    [SP/COOP] West To East: Dynamic Battles

    roger. solid copy on all. out.
  3. dondaddah

    [SP/COOP] West To East: Dynamic Battles

    version? I mostly play on Duala and SMD Sahrani (but I do short stints on most of the maps you ported to), and yes, a medic or corpsman for my AI squad via the Radio. And another quick question: I am loving aiss_foa. Is it intended to replace aiss2/3, or run along with it? /W
  4. dondaddah

    [SP/COOP] West To East: Dynamic Battles

    sttosin, Any chance of having a Corpsman or Medic spawn with the AI Squad?
  5. dondaddah

    [SP/COOP] West To East: Dynamic Battles

    What sound mod or addon are you using that plays all those 'colorful' responses from your AI squad?
  6. dondaddah

    [SP/COOP] West To East: Dynamic Battles

    I run no kill camera at all. Yours actually brings my system to it's knees. Personally I could do without it all together. However, overall I do like the mission. Continue to make it better. (Maybe a version without the Cam) ;)
  7. dondaddah

    [SP/COOP] West To East: Dynamic Battles

    The kill cam creates havoc on my frames, But The mission now works for me. Thanx
  8. dondaddah

    [SP/COOP] West To East: Dynamic Battles

    I Absolutely spent many minutes with no notification or contact. Had a few liesurely strolls with my AI team. I made it half way to the land bridge before the boredom set in. Thank god for MCC. I'll definitely give it another try. Thanx.
  9. dondaddah

    [SP/COOP] West To East: Dynamic Battles

    I tried mission a few times but no Op4 AI ever appears. All friendly supports work but no opposition. What am I missing? Suggestions?
  10. I have had a stable system & game since A3 release. Since the latest game update, & updates to CBA and TFAR when I get in game a Map Title screen interrupts the game play every 10 seconds. I am not saying that the updates are the cause, but this only started since then (ie. last night) I use Arma 3 sync to launch my game. This happens for All maps, even the default Altis and Stratis. Any ideas? Windows 7, 64 bit AMD HD 5800 x2 (XFire off) <-- a updated to latest drivers already tried Intel i7 RPT file available via PM for anyone who can use that to diagnose my problem. Here's to keeping my fingers and toes crossed that someone had a similar experience and can recommend a fix.
  11. For me it seem to have been the TFAR. I haven't had the screen interruptions since then. I even went ahead and updated TFAR to 0.9.5 and the problem has NOT resurfaced ... yet. There are others in the Unit of which I am a member, of others having the same problem and theirs was not tied to TFAR. I'll return here if the problem returns, or if I can share any further insight or possible solutions. IRIE.
  12. Report: Pvt C. Cannon & Pvt Yordy came to the rescue. Both spent the time to patiently listen to my symptoms, walked back thruough my installation processes, and by a further process of elimination, adding one addon at a time to run the game, narrowed the problem down to a faulty TFAR installation. Pvt C. Cannon painstakingly walked me thru the clean and proper way to update TFAR and the plugins, and that seem to have fixed my issue. They did in fact have me roll back to v.0.9.3 I am grateful to both for the assist. /W
  13. I have been using Arma3Sync forever, and have become totally dependent on it to lauch my game. Since the last update I have been unable to launch the App. First I was prompted for a missing Java 1.7.0, so I reinstalled Java. No go. Then I uninstalled, and reinstalled ArmaSyn No go. Then I uninstalled, and reinstalled Java ... three more times ... No go. Now I am at my wits end. I am open to suggestions. ---------- Post added at 07:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:24 PM ---------- btw: I even did a system restore back to a time when it did work ... No go.
  14. dondaddah

    Automated medic?

    Any chance at all of converting to an "Addon" version?
  15. dondaddah

    Demo charge vs. HESCO Barriers

    I'm from a Realism Unit with 300-400+ Active members. An A3MP requirement to remedy this issue would be unreasonable. I was actually hoping to grab the attention of the game developers for a compromise in the next game update.
  16. Not sure where else to post this, so feel free to redirect: Until very recently HESCO barriers could be Breached with properly placed Demolition/Explosive Charges. After 3+ hours on gameplay with +/- 100 Demo charge placements I have had ZERO Breaches (dd 3/31/14). Prior to this, charges could be placed at 'seams' in the barrier, or a certain intervals to effect a Breach. I surmised that a recent game update, in an attempt to pull back the blast effects to simulate real world physics, the effects of the Charge on a few objects were dramatically reduced, such as against Hesco barriers, and the concrete slabs with the 'construction crane hooks on the top'. Any discussion of a future update that may address the issue would be welcomed. As would any comments, suggestion, recommendations, or feedback. >salute! /'The' Dondaddah
  17. dondaddah

    ToraBora patrol (10COOP)

    USMC Please
  18. dondaddah

    Hostage Rescue (CO-5)(SP)

    Just a heads up: "masscottie" should read macscottie Also misspelled in your readme.
  19. quick question: How do I 'hide' the right top window that reads - Watched variable List - Atl L ... and "Atl L" does not do the trick. Please Advise. Thanx
  20. Permission denied @ mediafire?
  21. dondaddah

    [CAMP] Lions of Kandahar

    I vaguely remember this attempt: \fnc_traffic Function Name: Traffic Transportation System Author: WCRffsx Required Game version: ArmA2 Combined Operation (v1.59.79600 or higher) Author Website: http://blog.163.com/evbs_1/ Latest Function Version: v1.11
  22. dondaddah

    co@9 [ACE] Without A paddle

    Again, Good to go. ty
  23. dondaddah

    co9 Czech Ops - Wolverines

    Good to go. ty