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    On the west bank of the Meuse River, the remnants of the defeated German units are looking for ways to cross the river to regroup on the east bank of the river. The advanced detachment of American paratroopers was assigned the task: to capture and hold a strategically important bridge, without giving the enemy the opportunity to use the bridge.
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    The rifle platoon with the support of the PTR squad will have the task of holding the village to the south of Dimitrov. A motorized SS company with the support of armored vehicles needs to occupy the village. Red Bear TVT, 130 players.
  5. pioneer

    IFA3 liberation [WW2]

    The mod was removed due to a strike from petrtlach (CSA38 mod) I do not know whether it will return to steam or not, but the mod will continue to live if it does not return to steam, it will be expanded.
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