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  8. ok, v1.3 drive - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zMJyc9cIKIkvJdJ6YVZHp6y7zeGUMKzx
  9. v1.3 - fix bugs - Fixed hyphenation of text - Removed the Immerse mod (incompatible with RHS optics) - Added addon "Tactical marker" from Dead_Kennedy Work has begun on the second part. Will be 5 missions, ready for 50%.
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  11. v1.2 - в 2 интро заменена анимация Губина. Прислал kosmos - в 2 миссии созданы декорации в доме от Vergessenen - заменен логотип А3 - заменена музыка в эффектах "победы" и "провала" - уменьшен город в 6 миссии - мелкие исправления v1.2 - In the 2nd intro, Gubin's animation was replaced. Sent by kosmos - 2 mission were created decor in the house from Vergessenen - A3 logo replaced - replaced music in the effects of "end" and "fail" - reduced the city in 6 missions - minor fixes And the question is - does the text translation work in missions and videos?
  12. VIDEO solid YTV Zloi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVIQ41JP4hA
  13. hi should, work if not-open through the tab "campaigns". corporal_lib[br], run only what is specified in the required and everything will be fine. Other any mods don't run! screenshot https://yadi.sk/i/LVifG1C5MmjDXg
  14. Operation Flashpoint: Peacemaker | Remake. Part-1. Back in 1985, long time before "Operation Sandstorm", forces of USSR and USA clashed into fight till death as well as government forces and rebels. You are going to see enormous battles with tons of people and new types of armored vehicles, high-detailed and non-typical mission and astonishing story. You're playing as Soviet peacemakers. The remake was made by: [IMB]PIONEER — curator and main developer. Shoot3D — transfer of missions from OFP to A3 CUP [IMB]Soviet — replacement of CUP mods to RHS, a creation of scenery. Vergessenen — a creation of scenery, translation, work over missions. Podonak — translation, work over missions. kosmos — translation. Colonist — horseshoe model. [IMB]Kartoxa - translation of campaign description Testing was done by: Vergessenen, [IMB]rezakpower, [IMB]BouH, [IMB]Sovusha, [IMB]Soviet. The campaign was tested on Arma 3 v1.84, RHS v4.7, CUP v4.2. Stable gameplay with other versions of mods\game is not guaranteed. If you have found an issue you should write to bug-report. Additional roles were voiced by: YTV (YouTube channel RUS) The Shermanator (YouTube channel ENG) Authors of the original campaign "Counterattack. First Episode: Peacemaker.", 2004. Plot: Aleksandr Svyatkin (MOHAX), Kirill Kirichai (psyKKe), Alexey Bystrohodov (GoodSpeed) Producer: Andrey Dolgonskiy Mission development: Aleksandr Svyatkin (MOHAX), Alexey Bystrohodov (GoodSpeed). Testing: Dmitriy Zotov (LYBYR), Yuri Gusev (Filin), Andrey Simonov, Vladislav Afanas'ev, Ivan Korkin, Alexey Smolentsev. Sound engineers: Grigory Yurkov, Denis Nosov. Roles were voiced by: S. Jirnov, O. Semisynov, F. Suchov, P. Ivaschenko, G. Yurkov, V. Dachnenko, A. Pokrovskaya. Authors of additional mods, that are used: RHS Team CUP Team CBA Team Fingolfin_A3 (Caucasus Insurgency) Together with: SHJ-Studio (Red Hammer) Livesey (East vs West) SgtMoratz (Black Ops Weapons) [FOXHOUND] Azza (BloodSplatter lite) GSTAVO (M16A2) LAxemann (Immerse) szlojma (RDS civ pack). All add-ons are the property of the authors and are distributed with the campaign only for the convenience of comfort and reducing the number of bugs after the updates of the game and mods. Full versions of add-ons you can find by the name of the mod in the steam workshop. To be continued... You can help us: Like it, comment on it. You may also donate us if you want to. OFP stays in our hearts forever! Have a nice game! STEAM WORKSHOP google drive v1.3