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  1. This is nice. The guns are a bit powerfull, it shoots through tanks and buildings like nothing. Not a big deal though, since you can arm it with Human weapons from the gear window. Right now all i get shot with is machine gunfire from enemy tanks, maybe they don't recognize it as armor and wont use the cannon? The super mini gun is tons of fun, i leveled Zargabad with it. thanks allot for this.
  2. I think the OFP one was the mech from ghost in the shell. would be nice to have that one ported and it be OPFOR.
  3. I would like to know how to add weapon shops and recruit new units in a user mission. I know diddly about scripting , would it have to be dissected from a warfare mission? Paste the script into a trigger?
  4. A-Team models would be lots of fun. BA's van as well.
  5. Wilburbeast

    COOP 20 Takistan Force (OA)

    I've been having fun with this mission in single player. Playing kind of "high command LITE". Pick the team leader, move to objective or to the FOP , even simple missions like bringing ammo in a truck can be a tough mission. It would be nice to keep the AI units when switching teams. Not having artillery or any kind of support makes single player a little hard but once it gets dark a small team can go nuts.
  6. Wilburbeast

    JadeWars TVT/COOP/SP

    I love this mission and the mods, thanks Icebreaker. I only have a 2 things that are wonky in SP. The Bandits dont seem active at all, and i can actually switch to them from the Team menu. there are only 7 of those guys so not a big deal but the roads seemed kind of empty without bikers to run down. Also, the cops seem to use their pistols more than their newer better weapons. I cant wait to see more mad max stuff.
  7. I cant get Ace to run. Ive tried Launchers and even changing a shortcut to run it and other mods. Ace is the only one i get the error with , the other 2 parts AceX and the PLA ones seem to work.(although they want ace to run first ) I get this error when trying to start it up with ACE; "include file userconfig/ace/ace_clientside_config.hpp not found" any advice?
  8. ahhh it looks like this CAA1 project has all of that and more inside, and i can get in on the Yoma updater. I'll give that a try. sorry to be a pain, i haven't played a BI game since OFP and recently got ARMA 2. lots of catching up to do.
  9. You know, i think it is the Arma1 oac url. I still cant find an Arma 2 one yet.
  10. it keeps telling me my game folder is not set when i try to download from the OAC server. It auto detected my Arma 2 folders and still wont let me download.
  11. Wilburbeast

    [SP] Flashpoint: Chernarus

    This is a fun mission, kind of a death slot machine feel. every fight rolls into the next.
  12. Wilburbeast

    Dow/high command, and helicopters.

    That's what i did at first but the pilots were crashing into trees before the chopper even left my base perimeter. Sometimes the guy would manage to get to the LZ and it would work, but allot of times he would just sit there. Again, another point where i have to go babysit and fly the thing back, or just disband it. I thought there was an " interact " command meant to get the high command units to do things like unload or rearm and stuff when near something that they could use. That's what the toilet paper of a manual said, but it never gets highlighted no matter what a unit is close to. I haven't seen any useful commands for units. Why cant they share the same menu as your personal troops? Is there a defend command? so they actually use the defenses you build. Seems like only a few actually come manned, and it takes a while for the non player controlled guys to show up to get on them, if at all. I might be able to get the stuck units that wont move to re-spawn, then move them out from there maybe, but this is pretty game breaking considering how fun the rest of it was even with bugs. I has having a ball until the high command stuff hit.
  13. first i had to fly the Mi17 myself this time because the pilot would just fly right into a trees right out of the base. Why would i be able to buy units that cant even fly their aircraft? I loaded a bunch of troops into the chopper and told them to join another team, so i could just drop them off. That doe not work. I tried every command in the menu that was available to them, and even tried to use the way point type to get them to jump out. Is there no way to control the transport of troops that aren't in your unit? The other way that does work, when the pilot doesn't crash is to keep them in my team until they land and have all disembarked, then i tell them to join the other team. But whats the point of being a high commander if i have to hold their hands until they leave the chopper and point out their units to them? The teams often just sit there as well, when given orders to move out. I have 2 fresh units that never saw combat because they never obeyed my move commands. I really feel this high command stuff should have been left out until the expansion came out and it was working like the unit command. So now im just going to start DOW over, and just use trucks or fast travel with guys in my team to reinforce the high command units. I just thought it would be cooler and more real to actually fly them there since i could build the stuff to do it with.
  14. i wandered far from the AO in The Manhattan missions and didn't get killed. I went to the big airfield and found a bunch of angry woodsmen with rifles.