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  1. andromedagalaxe

    [CAMP] Chasing Grim Reaper

    I looked through a few pages and couldn't find the answer. Great campaign so far but I cannot figure out the CAS interface at all. Any help appreciated.
  2. andromedagalaxe

    back to desktop

    tip of the hat to you
  3. andromedagalaxe

    back to desktop

    What keys do you press to get back to the desktop? I can't find the answer on here
  4. andromedagalaxe

    Rainy Fall Campaign

    Thanks fleepee. LIke I said before, I really like what you have done from what I've seen of the first mission. I hate to start over, but I will try it in LAN. One of my favorite things was loading all the weapons I could into a car, so it's like a mobile ammo cache ... RPGs, sniper rifles, etc. It makes it easier to complete the objectives against overwhelming firepower as long as your car doesn't get blown up.
  5. andromedagalaxe

    Rainy Fall Campaign

    I just started playing your campaign. It is very difficult in SP but still fun with the voice acting and the "Resistance" type campaign I have been wanting. Any way to get around the bug that keeps crashing the 1st mission? Is that because I played it in SP instead of LAN?
  6. andromedagalaxe

    Game won't launch

    it update BAF and PMC but get error message cannot open file: C:\Program Files\steam\ etc. etc. \air_e.pdo any ideas? Do I need a fresh install from steam? hate to have to do that after I have all my addons and downloaded missions in place
  7. andromedagalaxe

    [SP/CAMP] Broken Arrow

    question. stuck on level 7 night mission
  8. Do the A2F servers show up in the regular list of servers if you own the full game? I've been looking around a bit and haven't seen any (or didn't recognize it if I did see them). Curious to see if people are picking up the free version.
  9. andromedagalaxe

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    Also, friendly fire is pretty commonplace in "the real world" @clavicula ... can't remember if they had TS set up or not. To tell you the truth, all the cross talk is distracting as there is no discipline in public servers.
  10. andromedagalaxe

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    I can't join a clan (several reasons) so I play in public servers. Not the greatest but still better than any other game. But tell me if this is uncalled for. I'm up for a little domination ... 30 people in the server. We're attacking a village. I see an enemy vehicle drive by in front of me so I take out the driver. turns out i just TK and the guy goes off on me ... Does anyone get into enemy vehicles without announcing it while a firefight is taking place, especially when the town hasn't been taken over yet and reinforcements are showing up? Just stupid in my opinion. I check uniforms. I don't TK. But I think this was uncalled for. Tell me if I am wrong.
  11. andromedagalaxe

    A few questions from a potential buyer!

    There should be a banner at the top of every page on this website that says: "To those newbies about to ask a question .... Just buy Arma II Combined Operations"
  12. andromedagalaxe

    Catharsis (sort of)

    Not to make you want the game more but here's a summary of play from last night that demonstrates why this is the greatest game ever. During a user-made campaign I downloaded where a squadmate and I start out with just pistols, I was able to: 1. Assassinate an enemy and his body guards and take their weapons. Use those weapons to capture a vehcile with mounted weapon. 2. Attack a fixed position; Order my squad mate to disassemble the mounted machine gun at the fixed position, pack it up and put it on his back, drop his pistol and make the MG his main weapon. 3. We now had the firepower to surprise and assault a squad-sized force. 4. Run over some chickens. None of this was scripted, just how I chose to play. Coul've done it by stealth as well
  13. andromedagalaxe

    System Requirements?

    Most computers can't run the game on high. The most high-end quad-core processor and graphics card are needed for settings and PP effects. Game looks good on medium. Also, reduce the draw distance.
  14. better off launching Arma2oa. the expansions will be there
  15. andromedagalaxe

    Who is in my vehicle!

    If you are their leader it is easy to tell. There is a little indentation on their avatars on your HUD if they are in a vehicle. put some in a vehicle and others outside the vehicle and you will see the difference in the avatar.