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    - How i'd to get better FPS on the ArmA2.

    The difference between no shadows and shadows on high is only 1 fps for me which is not visually noticeable.
  2. Whoatherefatty

    Who has reached the boundary in AmrA2?

    If you keep flying up eventually you end up in outer space and the game turns into a demo for carrier command:p
  3. Whoatherefatty

    Call for ban on MOH. Will ArmA franchise be next?

    This thread is full of anti American freudian slips. I don't even think America was mentioned in that article. And if secretary of state is the same in the UK as the states its not even a publicly appointed position. No voting or campaigning what so ever. No laws were changed or broken. He simply asked people not to sell it and explained why he is offended by it. Something he has every right to do. Man, the hypocrisy from some of you guys...
  4. Whoatherefatty

    Best way to "clear house" AI?

    As well as bis nailed the open combat in the desert and city, they did an equally bad job with indoor combat.
  5. Whoatherefatty

    Controller input

    The controller will only work if it's wired. If you have a wireless controller plugged into a play and charge cord it will not work.
  6. Pretty much what the title says. With in two seconds of using a high powered scope or binocs the screen does a sieuzure inducing strobe effect. I read another thread about this. The solution doesn't apply since I believe it was to update to CC 9.7 and that's a little out dated. I have had this problem with the last two CC versions and it's still there on my current 10.3 So far disabling crossfire is the only thing that works. This is not a good solution since I loose half my fps. Anyone with a similar set up find a solution? I don't like updating catalyst since the last few updates seem to have not fixed this problem while creating other problems with my older games.
  7. Just because the system got better doesn't mean it's been perfected. I have seen several AI unload their ammo into walls 3 feet in front of them. Also the talk or making smooth grass LOD transitios seems bogus to. In wooded areas the grass morphs constantly near me and further out. It's so bad on any setting I turn off grass frequently when I'm in the woods. And don't tell me you don't constantly hear your own unit calling out enemy positions behind buildings or trees. And no need to call anyone an idiot. Especially when you are one of 3 people who think there isn't a problem. And even more important if you call someone an idiot try not to have a typo within that statement. But if you insist please post all the articles you want. All I have to do is play for 10 minutes to see the truth.
  8. As long as it's nearly impossible to hit anything while driving at speed then I support this idea.
  9. Whoatherefatty

    5850 or 2 x 5770?

    A single more powerful card is always better. That said the game runs like hot butter on moderate settings with my cf 5770s. As long as I don't experience lighting bugs.
  10. Zipper, I checked the file after closing arma and the value was still 32. Bangtail, thanks again. The alternate pixel center(hehe, I love being american!) option isn't there anymore. Nativedeem, is your monitor around 12 inches or more like 20? Is it widescreen or no? Either way you'll get decent results but nowhere near all very high settings. You may be able to have 1 or 2 settings on very high with the right combo of other settings.
  11. I had a feeling that's what was happening. It was the only tweak I could figure out to fix it though. About the HDR precision, I changed it from 8 to 32. Saved. Double checked it was saved correctly. I boot up arma. The loading screen faintly flickers and I nearly suffer a seizure from the strobing the second the aircraft carrier appears:crazy_o: wich in all honesty was fairly common with CF in my weekend tests. Thanks for the tip anyway. I'm sure I'll get it to work nicely someday. I can live with a single GPU and arma. It makes more of a difference in Just Cause 2 anyway.
  12. You will see a lot of improvement by upgrading to a 5770 but don't expect the texture lag or stuttering to go away. I have two 5770s and there is still some texture lag no matter my video memory settings. Considering you can get a good 5770 for $160 it's money well spent though.
  13. I think the demo still does not allow you to turn of PP effects as well as AF. If this is true you should see some improvement in the full game with moderate/low settings. Be sure to turn off AA, PP, AF, and set very low terrain detail/shadows as well. View distance can hurt too so keep it minimal. Campaign will probably run like doggy doo doo for you since I get some pretty decent chugs here and there.
  14. Holy mother crap. After having a good day of testing my cf 5770 I am starting to go mad. I got it to work and performance is great. I am not used to seeing the game run this smooth. But I am getting that screen flicker/strobe that after 5 seconds leads to total screen bleach out with a slow fade to normal brightness:mad: It is more common when I zoom using scoped weapons..... and when I use a sniper it's happening almost 90% of the time:(\ and its not related to PP effects. I swear I've read a thread or two about this and I did search but found nothing. So I figured I'd post it here while I continue to search. FYI still on ccc 10.3 since the link to 10.4 on AMD's site doesn't work for me. AFAIK when I installed the second gpu all the current CF profiles and drivers were updated correctly and the only problem I had was the registry file I had to edit to get the CF working. At least my other games run crazy good now. Just Cause 2 is maxed and running silky smooth:yay: EDIT - PROBLEM FIXED. I turned off catalyst AI and the flickering is gone.
  15. Whoatherefatty

    Can someone give me a good FOV value.

    Just multiply both numbers by the same value ie 1.2 then 1.3 etc until you find what you like.