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  1. Well it doesn't have any matter if it's 1.05 or 1.07. It's a file destination problem !
  2. @ Loyalguard How do you execute the function that you posted before ? Because when I execute it like [] exec "function.sqf" then yours doesn't work :(
  3. Oh damn it. Now I know what was a problem. Looks like it's not working in this construction: if(SOMETHING1)then { COMMAND1 COMMAND2 COMMAND3 if(SOMETHING2) then { COMMAND4 }; else { COMMAND5 }; }; And it works when it's looking like this: if(SOMETHING1)then { COMMAND1 COMMAND2 COMMAND3 if(SOMETHING2)then{COMMAND4};else{COMMAND5}; }; Why the hell it should be in one line and it doesn't work another way (more clean and nice looking way) ? Is it because I'm using this script just with "[] exec "intel\testing1.sqf"" ? I didn't used preprocess or precompile etc. - that's why ?
  4. Thank you sooo much, SNKMAN. Now I realised that the problem was about _numb1. "Switch" construction is looking much better for me. BTW I did it about 10 minutes ago, I changed _numb2 to 2 xD if(isServer)then { _list = [1,2]; _numb1 = _list select (random 1); _numb2 = 1; hintsilent format ["_numb1 %1 _numb2 %2",_numb1,_numb2] if (_numb1==_numb2) then {player sideChat "1 machinegun will be created"} else {player sideChat "2 machineguns will be created"} };
  5. The main target of this function is to create one or two machineguns so: if number is 0 then create 1 machinegun (create mg1) if number is 1 then create 2 machineguns (create... mg1, create... mg2) One of the numbers - _numb1 should be random 0 or 1 _numb2 is static number - just 0 When condition reaches true by _numb1 and _numb2 being equaled, then we will have 1 machiegun, else, we gonna have 2 machineguns. Not just sideChat :) But THX for reply anyway :D
  6. I suggest to add some time to #WAIT because now it's going to be a little FPS killer :) for example: sleep 0.1 or ~0.1
  7. Hello everybody, I have a problem with my function. Take a look at it: if(isServer)then { _list = [1,2]; _numb1 = _list select (random 1); _numb2 = 0; if(_numb1 == _numb2)then { player sideChat "1 machinegun will be created"; }else{ player sideChat "2 machineguns will be created"; }; }; The problem is that "else" doesn't work. I return both "player sideChat..." commands. Look like _numb1 is equal to _numb2 and it's not at the same time :/ BTW the script will be used for random number of machinegunners for spawning guerilla's camp. I eaven checked what do I return from _numb1 and it's returning 1 or 0 randomly (so randomising thing does work 100%). Why the hell that "else" doesnt work like it should ?
  8. If you mean changing level of a water, you can do it in shader options. You don't have to use .pbl to import it back to Wilbur. Just import/open generated .png greyscale file. It's better not to change anything with terrain but with the shader options. So it's easier to keep your job (terrrain) and just mess arround with altitude setup in shader so it will generate greyscale .png file good.
  9. But can I paint there using a brushes or blur the whole terrain ? Because imported DEM seems to be mostly scratched so I'm using Wilbur's blur tool to make the whole terrain smooth. I would also like to use brushes in the L3DT, is it possible ?
  10. I'm requesting for one straight part and one curve part of any kind of road from ArmA2 game in MLOD format of .p3d file. Everybody who would like create his own road, pleace post here. Maybe somebody from BIS will recognise us. There is one more a little bit less important request about tree MLOD format. I have no idea are there any differences between MLOD trees from ArmA1 and ArmA2. I'm stupid :/ Nobody gonna read it :rolleyes:
  11. Bartchie

    Polish President dead

    OF COURSE CONTROLLER ! I see you don't understand it.
  12. Bartchie

    Polish President dead

    #1 Russian ATC controller said that polish crew didn't understand russian language and then (after few seconds) he said that they understand russian but they didn't understand numbers. Russia's language numbers sounds 90% SAME as polish language numbers. Then he said "ask more questions to captain". But Captain is dead. I would like to cut his head off for killing my President. #2 Fuel have been droped from the plane and it's 100% true. I saw a video that have been recorded a minutes after the crash just when firefighters were arriving. And i'ts true that when there is fuel in the plane (with shitloads of octans), a lot of trees should be burning and almost every part of a plane should be burning. I didn't see any dead bodies and any big fire in the crash side of the video. #3 Poland is defendless and can be taken over by communists. The whole team, the most important people who were fighting with communism have been killed in the crash. NOW there is no power in Poland to fight with communism.
  13. Bartchie

    Arma forest generator

    I agree. Think about it. People may stop too because they will not have a time to make forest for their island using other tools. Your tool will definitly help them. It's true that we are a few. But if scripters will make good tools, we will be not few but hundreds.
  14. Bartchie

    Arma forest generator

    Thank you very much for update, Leopotam. I'm doing the forest part of my island for now so I think your tool will be much better than all other forest creators/generators. EDIT: Because I have better abilities of controlling amount of trees :)