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  1. nidhoegger

    Please update the linux server binary

    More or less. I am still trying to figure this out. At least -server will spawn a GUI, so you will also (like with wine emulation) need Xvfb, which does not work because Xvfb has no 3D rendering support (not even with mesa) and the e.ON wrapper this "port" is using (which is not better than wine) wont start up. So no, its not working on a headless machine. Not even with workarounds. And I do not intend on running a full fledged X11 environment on my server. Besides I am not sure if the server will run without the steam api beeing present...
  2. Hi, I hope someone from the BI Team will read this. I have a littel concern: We are still an active community playing the originale Operation Flashpoint, the whole community supported BI by Buying CWA. But please please please update (or better: open source) the linux server binary. This would be awesome. The 1.96 keeps crashing with too big missions at some point (when too many tanks are on the map) and the 1.99 is emulated using XVFB and wine on my server. We really would appreciate a new updated linux server binary, if you want me to, I can help you completly free of charge to get it running (I am a software developer). Thanks in advance :)
  3. nidhoegger

    Again: OFP Linux Dedicated Server: Failed to create 2302

    Wohooo, reporting back. Server is up and running. Problem were the libs (i gues libdns). I got the libs a friend gathered some time ago and with these libs, server runs. If someone is interessted in the libs, feel free to PM me and ill upload them!
  4. nidhoegger

    Again: OFP Linux Dedicated Server: Failed to create 2302

    Nope, nothing at all. IPTables are empty and set so ACCEPT policy. Does debian wheezy have other protection systems per default? I am only used to gentoo linux, that debian machine was just for testing purposes... And no, no other application is using the ports i used. I checked with lsof -i
  5. nidhoegger

    Again: OFP Linux Dedicated Server: Failed to create 2302

    Hello, first, thanks for you anwer. I appreciate it that someone still helps supporting old games ;). Yes, i have the correct files you mentioned above. The servfiles.tar.gz was created using linuxarch10 and the shar file was installed with the correct packages installed on the system (sharutils, for uudecode and stuff). I tried yesterday to install it on my homeserver. I set up a fresh debian wheezy install, servername was from beginning "ofpservertest". First it did not fire up correctly (segfaulted with and without -nomap). I then used the old glibc files again using LD_LIBRARY_PATH and then the server fired up, but once again i got the 2302 message (tried it with other ports, too). I read yesterday through this thread already, but none of it seemed to work (worked to all threads i could find in this forum regarding the dedicated stuff).
  6. Hello, before anyone shouts at me "use the search function": I did! And I tried all the workarounds found (sadly, some of the linkes pages are down or in "maintenance mode"). I want to create a OFP Server on Linux for me and some friends. Now the Problem is, that it tells me "Server creation failed: 2302". What i tried: - Rename Server so it doesnt contain numbers or hyphens (i named it for testing purposes "ofpservertest"). normaly my server (vServer) is named: lvpsXX-XXX-XXX-XXX (where the X are the IP). - Tried to use old glibc stuff (I think 2.3.2) and start server with LD_LIBRARY_PATH. - Tried to use server without any mods - Tried the -nomap flag - Tried with and without NSCD The server is a Debian Wheezy vServer running 64bit, compat libs for 32bit are installed, as well as the above mentioned Libraries using LD_LIBRARY_PATH (but it makes no difference, server also runs on my native libs). Has anyone any Idea what I could try next? The server self runs fine, no missing libs or something, just the error message above. Thank you for you help! Nidhoegger
  7. nidhoegger

    Rts-3 released

    Hi, im seeking for a download link for RTS3, does anyone know a working one? I wanna play it again, but lost the CD where i once burned the downloaded OFP mods on. Thanks!