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  1. Is there any sort of guide out there, for installing and using this? I am fairly noobish with arma, but I have installed mods before. The how to install read me, seems to be missing basic information about how to install. Or maybe I am just misinterpreting what exactly this is.
  2. Whenever I click on multiplayer on the main menu it says receiving then it crashes. No Error it just says Arma 2 has stopped working. Another note is that I have the steam version of the game. My specs are: Nvidia 8800GT AMD Phenom X4 3.1 ghz Vista 32 bit
  3. I have UAC turned off there for exe's should be able to do whatever they want. Also if I needed to DMZ the router it seems like I would be able to host a LAN game, not to mention I can play pretty much any other game I have online with no problems. I have played Arma 2 in the past on this machine, it was a friends copy and I was able to play fine. I really appreciate any help you can give.
  4. Yes the firewall is open, that wouldn't stop me from being able to create a server anyway.
  5. Well, I have yet to solve the problem. I updated to 1.05, and it doesn't crash when I select multiplayer, however I cannot join any game or host. When I try to join it immediately without trying says could not connect and when I try to host it just goes back to the server browser.