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  1. Yeah, OH&S. I've seen a handful of photos of diggers with their sleeves rolled up, but not many. Every time I've heard someone asking about it because it's been hot, they're told not to.
  2. They look beaut. I'll have to quickly check them out now, hitting the turps with the fellas tomorrow afternoon :)
  3. Not sure if this would be an effective way around it or not, but if you deleted the faces inside the actual sight tube you shouldn't get any tunnelling at all. That said, you may get other problems with the faces on the adjustment knobs and the front backup sight showing... :|
  4. Like I said, I could be wrong... that's only what I've heard and I'm still pretty fresh out of Kapooka. Someone who's been in a bit longer would probably know better. Either way, I'd rather not have tracers coming out of something unless that's the way it is in the real world, and I'm fairly certain it's not in this case.
  5. Why? As far as I've been informed we don't fire tracers through Steyrs unless it's for some kind of special purpose. Tracer is used on Minimis, MAGs, and M2s. I don't recall ever hearing of it being used in our rifles unless some special purpose was in mind (i.e. indicating something by tracer fire). I don't know if reg units do things differently, but I can't imagine anyone would deliberately load a Steyr with tracers unless they had some kind of plan which necessitated it.
  6. They look absolutely perfect, can't wait to try them... too bad I'll have to do just that :(
  7. Can't speak for all models of the ACOG as it seems to vary depending on which you have, but to the best of my knowledge the backups are an integral part of the SUSAT. Some of you British Army folks may be able to confirm or correct this (whichever's needed), but I was under the impression that the carry handle/ironsight unit is mostly used by units which aren't that likely to see combat.
  8. Those look absolutely incredible, mate. By far the best looking Steyrs I've seen in any game, on any platform.
  9. Stalker, just a heads-up - you're making the common mistake of cutting the rails on the RIS too deep. If you feel up to fixing them, some refs showing their proper cross-section: The cuts only go halfway through the actual rail part, not all the way through.
  10. As I'm sure Harry will tell you, I procrastinate spectacularly. I'd be glad to help you guys out though, once I get home (currently in Canada) and get my PC set back up (need to reinstall Windows, as much as I hate doing so) I'll see what I can do. Anything in particular need attention so far? Don't forget the drop bears.
  11. Fairly certain most choc infantry units still use them - last I checked mine still had plenty. Now I've finally got around to registering here, well done guys - this stuff looks dead on and I can't wait to try it out!