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    Arma 2 Sound Modding 101.

    i just realized thats hopgood
  2. Vick

    Military Discussion Thread

    think i know of an AMPHIBIOUS vehicle thats bigger...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOkrXimRnSc
  3. Vick

    Shogun 2 Total War announced

    i was just talking to a friend about this yesterday
  4. you are an absolute moron in the most literal sense I can stress, and arguing with you any further would get nowhere. I surrender.
  5. "Your post is just spam..." if that's help, he can have it. and now your over the top saying its an "ambiguous post" in his defense. ambiguous in what sense? its a helicopter- i dont want just the sound- i dont want just the pilots, dont want part of the helicopter- i want the whole thing. theres a link to a helicopter- its badass, i want it. crystal clear enough sunshine? and links? most people don't even post any with their request, now youre soloing me out because i only posted one? you both got issues that are beyond me, i posted a request that was far from instigating anything towards ANYONE, so back the ---- up. edit: i checked out the link again and to add insult to injury, you were confused with my link how? the TITLE of the video is "India's New Attack Gunship"
  6. my post is a request, next time ill spell it out for you.
  7. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2d1_1274633867 its their first
  8. Vick

    The Unsung MOD (Vietnam War)

    i own a chinese made SKS, or type 56 as you put it(among many other firearms in my collection) and if you guys need pictures from any certain angle that you cant find online just give me a shout also looking forward to the m-14 more so than the m-16, my old man was issued one in basic, and had it while he served in nam
  9. "doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures during squad and platoon offensive, defensive, and patrolling operations." but id agree its far from immersive, and lacking so many things(not complaining)- it is afterall just a game
  10. works for me they added sli support for arma 2 a while ago, the current nvidia drivers still support it
  11. perhaps a better suppression effect- the more fire you take, the more your weapon sways would make gaining fire superiority that much more vital and challenging
  12. Negative, its all sent out the same, all radio frequency's follow the same law.(you can have higher and lower, but they have auto frequency things on them now, radio towers in the 30 used to distort the molecules around it, would look fuzzy when they were transmitting) not to mention the difference between AM and FM is just the frequency's. they have some newer satcom(satellite comms) stuff, but for the most part, lots of comms are still radio. and you cant hide frequency's ;] so, immersion killer? Nah, get your facts straight. edit:i havent tested this, read people saying the volume should be lower for when youre talking. well no, you shouldnt have ANY incoming frequency's while sending out transmissions, when you talk it should cut out all radio chatter. youre either sending or receiving
  13. id like to also add his PSU remark was complete bs as well, im running sli with a 750watt.
  14. just like you do when flying the camel
  15. Vick


    just linking usable references- or by all means let namman use the ones he found. edit:ignore me if i come off abrasive