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  1. user3242

    Adding Units/Weapons/Vehicles

    how you modify the ammo type for su34b?i want put missile
  2. user3242

    How to Use Arty ????

    anyways,problem solved: i replaced the crew man by rifleman,and they open fire
  3. user3242

    How to Use Arty ????

    hello, i dunno know how to use arty in warfare mod,i purchase d30,then i send 3 crewman and i click fire mission its say commencing fire mission... but nothing fire,they dont shot.there a trick?
  4. Hello everyone, there a default in the well know Berzeck Mission: I am looking for Berzecks missions with a system for purchase unarmed crew man for pilot tank/aircraft/gunner etc...there vehicles in berzeck maps,but you cant drive and shoot in the same time,i think that its a good idea even to create a new generation mission:Berzeck mission with Funds:when you capture hangar = you can purchase Air vehicles,you capture weapon center = you can buy Tank etc... etc...,you won funds by capturing and kill enemy. For me Arma 1 is better than arma 2: Why? beacause arma 1 is very very simple,and there not graphic effect when you run etc... Anyways,there good modders here who can do that?
  5. user3242

    Iranian Forces Mod

    and what about israeli army?
  6. user3242

    Namalsk island, v1.10

    no,this is not a virus,its my friends which gave me this link,and iam trying to see the video,if its a virus,sorry
  7. user3242

    Namalsk island, v1.10

    i saw a video about Namalsk island 2.0,you release it now? [REMOVED]
  8. user3242

    Problem MP mission...

    please peoples,please help my friends,arma I is not gone right?
  9. user3242

    Team arma 2 !...

    hello, we are a good team with many missions,you can learn to play with us or fight as elite,we are open for all and a good team of friends,if you are interesed to join the lan,.we also play mods,addon.if you are looking for good games,btw friend,we know how the hacker cheat with all latest cheatpack... pm me. cya
  10. user3242

    Problem MP mission...

    hello, i downloaded somes missions i put them in arma/mpmissions,i dont see them,i only installed 3 with success and its all the same thing : .pbo here one that i cant install http://www.filefactory.com/file/ah096g0/n/MP_Warfare32V18E_PE13.zip and why ai can not mount t72 racs?there a way to allow him?like assign blue etc...? ps:another problem,i play a mission called warfare iced but the gps doesnt work,is there a way to allow gps in server.cfg,and which option can i add in my server.cfg? another problem,i dont know how fir mision work even with my d-30 and 3 crewman...
  11. user3242

    Why is this game not more popular?

    take a look at both video,there one on youtube and another one personnal,u will see that there new exploits
  12. user3242

    Why is this game not more popular?

    i saw so many hackers,there so much in arma 2,look my 2 videos
  13. user3242

    Why is this game not more popular?

    why is this game not popular anymore? LOL just look this:
  14. user3242

    WTF,They cheat !!...

    look this video,there many cheater on arma II !!!!
  15. user3242

    Help Dedicated Server...

    thanks you all,i formated and switched to windows 7,its work fine,its a pleasure to be host. ---------- Post added at 05:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:51 PM ---------- another question,i want make all soldiers of a team visible on the map,how?